Using Co-Spaces in Education: Making AR & VR in the Classroom

Using Co-Spaces in Education: Making AR & VR in the Classroom

In a time where educators and administrators of institutions across the world are encouraging the idea to allow “students to create, consume and connect with the curriculum,” the initiative to introduce Co-Spaces in education is one great idea!

To back this idea, the words of famous philosopher Confucius, “I hear and I forget, I See and I Remember, I Do, and I Understand” must be taken into the context. This principle goes well with studies as visual elements encapsulate anything clearly than it does through lectures/verbal communication. CoSpaces compliments traditional teaching methods by helping students get engaged in creating things and learning alongside.

Now to emphasize what CoSpaces is and how students may make AR and Virtual reality happen, let us understand the platform.

It is an easy solution that helps individuals create one’s 3D Spaces and then experience it in Virtual Reality. Here in it, cloud-based 3D virtual reality environment is created and makes space for imagination. What helps the students to ramble with their creative power is the tool’s multiple features such as the drag and drop 3D objects and images option. To talk of its other features- it has an optional programming environment that assists students to make their creations interactive through JavaScript or Block scripts. So now the question that arises is -

Why must it be introduced in education?

That Virtual Reality has taken a space in the business landscape to certain extent is no news and more so it making a space even in the education sector sooner or later was almost predicted. But, in the learning space, it is still in its growing stage those who have introduced it are of the opinion that it is a platform offering scope for much exploration.

In terms of investment on installation and purchase of the tool, schools do not have to bother about the budget as it is a free of cost tool and all its files can be accessed online. It also takes away any burden related to its installation. The tool is very simple to use, intuitive to create anything and triggers the art to learn the art of coding fundamentals. Hence, when it is introduced into learning, it allows students to be creative and with it build 3D scenes and models of their imagination in minutes.

How does it whisk creativity in students?

Well, friendly tool helps students create their own historical recreations, scientific models, art exhibitions, simple games, interpretations of literature, info-graphics, etc.

In other word, it helps the students to be makers and explore all the possibilities of new media in all dimensions. Creation in 3D, building of one’s own objects from geometrical shapes or create a whole fantasy world, presentations and stories can be shared and even explored in Virtual Reality. The video below explains on how students can spark off their imagination with 3D models

Fascination plays a vital role in making learning creative and create experiences worth remembering throughout life. And the immersive experience of Virtual Reality splashes the creative juice within students. Not so interesting lessons in the classroom can become rather very exciting when it is presented with 3D Models, virtual exhibitions or with storytelling element.

Hence it is not just the literature or the history teachers who will find it beneficial to absorb the minds of the students through use of CoSpaces. Educators irrespective of what subject they teach can make the most of this tool in relation to their lesson learning and help students explore the possibilities of new media. So did you already use CoSpaces and what was your take on it, do let us know through your comments. We would be glad to hear from you and know your experience.

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