With Technology Anywhere You Want to Learn is Your Classroom

With Technology Anywhere You Want to Learn is Your Classroom

The classroom is an important space for both the teacher and student alike. No longer is it understood as a constraining and stifling space for the students, thanks to the advent of technology, lending an interactive element to the classroom atmosphere.

The aim of the teacher these days, should be to remove the limits in learning and welcome students, which shall facilitate in creating the most effective learning environment. Gone are the days when the only agenda was to acquire knowledge, the agenda has now additions like making sense of the knowledge too. Instead of simply being taught, students learn these days. Trends like flipped classroom are impacting the way of learning, and with the help of technology anywhere you want to learn is your classroom and you have no limits to learning online.

In order to focus more on the student understanding his classes, educators need to broaden their scope and interact with their students on a one-on-one basis, so that they can clear any doubts and confusion that the child might have. And technology can serve as an important medium to bridge the gap between the student and the teacher. Some ideas using the internet which can be incorporated into the usual teaching include:

  1. Uploading Youtube videos on channel so that they are readily available for the students. Flipping them to let students have the lecture feel at home. This can be a good way for revising lessons. Teachers can check how many students are actually watching those videos by checking its viewership statistics.
  2. Presentations followed by student analysis of the same topic which should preferably be done in groups, in order to instill a sense of team spirit.
  3. Analysis study related to the topic in the form of interactive papers.
  4. Quizzes and feedback once a topic is completed.
  5. Undertaking different texts, other than the ones prescribed in compliance with their area of interest.
  6. Encourage students to create their own digital newsletter. They can then compare and share it with fellow classmates while the teacher moderates the activity.

Today's learner's think, acquire and generate knowledge differently from the previous generation and similarly, teachers too should impart knowledge in new ways and keep reinventing themselves. They should enjoy technology to increase the self-confidence of students. The actual power of technology is revealed when we create and make new things, not remake them. Thus, technology makes sense to achieve goals in new and different ways and helps in assisting students to channelise their full potential.

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