TÜV Rheinland NIFE Academy is issuing fraud-proof digital certificates via Certif-ID to graduating students.

TÜV Rheinland NIFE Academy has been a pioneer in introducing a unique set of courses in Fire & Safety, Lift Technology and Fiber Optics Technology. These courses empower students to gain high-level skills and qualifications to meet the current industry requirements. In addition to providing industry-oriented courses, TÜV Rheinland NIFE Academy is also equipping its graduates with an edge to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.

TÜV Rheinland NIFE Academy has issued over 6000 digital certificates via Certif-ID.

Certif-ID is a dedicated skills community built on the Ethereum blockchain. It connects training and educational institutions, experts and recruiters on a single platform. The blockchain-powered platform offers multi-specialty features to its stakeholders.

One key feature is that it enables educational institutions to issue graduating students with tamper-proof digital certificates.

Certif ID2

Digital Certificates

An institute on Certif-ID can either choose to only issue digital certificates or issue digital certificates alongside traditional physical ones. The digital certificates are easier to issue, track and authenticate.

Certif-ID’s blockchain-powered certification process introduces greater trust and security in the certification process. The digital certificates are powered by blockchain technology. Thus, creating links that cannot be altered between the institution issuing the certificate and the candidate receiving it.

TÜV Rheinland NIFE collaborated with Certif-ID to counter the following challenges:

Brand Awareness - By registering on the Certif-ID platform, TÜV Rheinland NIFE Academy’s courses gained significant international visibility and brand exposure.

Credibility - Graduating students receive their course completion certificates directly into their Certif-ID profile and in their email. The institute boosted its credibility by issuing certificates that cannot be forged.

Proof of skill - The digital certificates act as proof of skill. Recruiters hiring a candidate with TÜV Rheinland NIFE’s digital certificate can trace it to the institute with just a few clicks. This allows recruiters to be certain of the shortlisted candidate.

Streamlining Operations - To improve the efficiency of the internal processes, TÜV Rheinland NIFE utilised the Certif-ID networking platform to list courses, create and track batches, automate the certificate issuance process and enhance student experience. Additionally, the digital certificates act as a marketing asset that attracts more students.

International Placement - Certif-ID is a skills-driven platform. It allows experts or students to showcase their skills and directly connect with recruiters from around the world. The platform further allows recruiters to look for candidates based on required competency or skill for the job. By having the right skills and being able to prove it, candidates can explore new career paths or even countries.

Simplifying recruitment - By issuing digital certificates on Certif-ID, TÜV Rheinland NIFE is simplifying the arduous task of screening, sourcing and verifying candidature of individuals.

Breakthroughs achieved!

Certif ID3


By partnering with Certif-ID, TÜV Rheinland NIFE: 

  • Underwent a review process, ensuring that global standards for training are met
  • Optimised student enrolment, certification and placement processes
  • Provided graduates an opportunity to be part of a dedicated skills community
  • Boosted credibility by issuing digital certificates that cannot be forged
  • Empowered graduates to share their verifiable credentials with potential recruiters
  • Offers digital traceability of the certification process
  • Created a positive social buzz and long-term value

Certif-ID is playing a key role in positioning TÜV Rheinland NIFE as a preferred destination for technical training and ‘putting students’ first in the classroom and beyond.

Automation is the key to more effective workflows in the educational sector. The real value lies in establishing trust and transparency.

Certif-ID aims to harmonise administrative processes between educational and training institutions, experts and recruiters. And, that technologies like Blockchain are key to envisioning the success of all stakeholders.

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