Planning Online Classes & Assessments? Survey on your School Readiness

A short survey to find how your school compares with others across the country.

Planning online classes and assessments

Welcome to India's largest survey on assessing the readiness of our schools to deal with the changes coming due to the COVID19 enforced lockdown. 

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In March 2020, the Government guidelines directed schools across the nation to close prematurely. When this lockdown was announced, some of the schools had portions of the planned curriculum yet to be completed. In most cases the year end assessments were a big casualty. To add to the complication, it is highly unlikely that the schools will open at the scheduled reopening for the next academic year. Most of the schools we spoke to, are all mentally prepared to open their schools’ physical operations no earlier than August this year. 


This leaves the schools with two problems that they may not be fully prepared to manage:

1. Pending portions and assessments from the 2019-20 AY (Academic Year).
2. Delayed start to AY 2020-21 limiting the ability to complete the portions for the next year too.

It does not need a lot of thinking to realize that the ripple effect of this problem will definitely spill into the AY 2021-22 too.

Schools are not oblivious of the implications and are all on a war footing to put together plans to begin the classes and assessments online. While some schools are already running online classes in full steam others are still looking at options, but no one is any longer on the fence waiting for things to happen. We personally know a number of schools who traditionally have never used technology in education but in the last few weeks have made the leap and are on their way to resume operations online shortly.

This survey has been created to assess the readiness of schools across India to deal with the uncertainty of continued education in the midst of the ongoing COVID19 crisis. The findings from this survey will be used to make appropriate recommendations to various authorities with an intention to facilitate the massive change that the schools will need to go through.

About the survey:

This survey is broken up into four parts:

A. School profile
B. People preparedness
C. Process Preparedness
D. Tools/Technology preparedness

It will take between 6 - 8 minutes of your time to complete the survey.
As a token of appreciation towards your contribution to this effort we will be happy to share with you the full report to help you understand how your school stands in terms of readiness compared to the rest of the country. Do share your contact at the end of the survey (optional section) if you would like to have the final report.

Take the School Readiness Survey

Note: The survey is anonymous and will not be used to identify your school. If you have any question of a follow-up query, please write to us at

Please take the survey here to find out where you stand:

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