Broadcast your Online Learning and Web Conferencing Efficiently with XP-Pen Digital Writing Tablets

Distance education, online learning, and web conferencing have become the buzzwords in recent years in the academic world!

This was fueled further by the outbreak of COVID-19, which has forced educational institutions across the world to shut down to contain the disease. Now, more and more schools, colleges and universities have shifted to distance mode, and online learning has become a new normal. And this is where newer and effective educational tools are required to make online teaching, learning and meeting more efficient and engaging.

Whether you are broadcasting a distance learning program online or hosting a web conference, an educational tool like graphics tablet can allow users to write, edit, record minutes or jot down the ideas and inspirations, improve the efficiency of teaching and learning, and provide more intuitive and effective way to host a web conference or an online learning program.

Why use an educational tool like graphics tablet?

E-learning without a graphics tablet becomes cumbersome, passive and provides an inefficient experience around making, saving, backing up notes. Without a digital pen precise, accurate drawings and equations in addition to handwriting becomes impossible. Active e-learning requires speakers or faculty to engage and interact with participants or students which can be achieved effectively through digital writing tablets during online lessons and meetings. 

Teaching online teacher Artist12Pro

Teacher teaching online using XP-Pen Artist 12 Pro

So which one should you explore?

Introduction to XP-Pen graphics tablet

XP-Pen graphics tablet or display is a teaching tool that integrates the features of traditional and new teaching media. It allows users to write, edit, hand-draw images, graphics, and diagrams to create information-rich content for an interactive learning atmosphere, even in a virtual environment.

Uses and Key Benefits that XP-Pen graphics tablet offers

    • XP-Pen graphics tablet through its different models offers a large display area providing users with the freedom to start sketching, doodling, and drawing to begin their creative journey.
    • XP-Pen tablet comes with all the functionality of a standard mouse. Its battery-free stylus helps ease the wrist pain and stiffness that come with using a traditional mouse during long teaching sessions. It lets you easily write on top of any e-content mimicking a pen on paper experience. It also offers pressure sensitivity giving it the intelligence to modify, navigate and create a full pallet of brushes and pens.
    • XP-Pen tablet is ideal for online teaching and web conferencing needs as it helps teachers and speakers to create and explain interactive visual content with features like smooth writing, editing, and annotating directly in files and its ability to share the screen in real time. This flexibility allows the flow of creative ideas and the problem-solving process to be presented intuitively and efficiently hence engagement and involvement of students and attendees. Attendees in the meeting can also record minutes or jot down ideas and important points with ease during web conferencing.
    • With a connected XP-Pen tablet and the right applications, users can enter an interactive classroom or meeting room anytime, anywhere. With a stylus and digital writing tablet, teachers can effectively communicate and student can complete homework using handwritten drawings, annotations and notes even while using computers and mobile devices. It helps teachers and students to write and edit complicated functional equations with ease while streaming or broadcasting the lesson plan.

student doing homework xp pen

Student doing homework on XP-Pen Tablet

  • XP-Pen tablet helps teachers broadcast their courses on streaming platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Bloc, Twitch, etc. much smooth and easier, and helps make their education broadcasting more unique, intuitive, and attractive.
  • XP-Pen is compatible with Microsoft Office apps like Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more.

Web Conference

Web Conference Speaker

XP-Pen digital writing tablets and their applications

XP-Pen currently has four featured products on offer – Star G640Star G960S, Deco 01 V2, and Artist 12 Pro.

They are compatible with Windows and Mac operating system, in fact the Deco 01 V2 and Star G960S can also work with the Android smartphones. Additionally, works with web conferencing or broadcasting software including XSplit, Zoom, Twitch, Microsoft Teams, ezTalks Webinar, Idroo, Scribblar, WizIQ, and more.

Watch the video below to know more about XP-Pen tablets: 

 Take home an XP-Pen digital writing tablet and start broadcasting your distance learning or web conferencing!

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