COVID-19 Will Widen the Skills Gap. What Can Schools Do About it?

With COVID-19 shutting down schools temporarily, online learning seems to be the new mantra but something is missing.

There will soon be a huge learning slide among students. Ever wondered why?

The reason is simple. Online learning builds academic skills. What about the skills that students learn outside the classroom? 

Outside the classroom, students hone their survival instincts, understand real-world problems and prepare for life after school. They encounter curveballs that make exams seem pretty easy in comparison! Workplaces are complex, shape-shifting and competitive spaces. Relationships can be tricky and confusing to understand. 

This is where excellent extra-curricular programs and student clubs make a difference. They give children experiential learning experiences. Students learn to master social and emotional skills. They collaborate and learn that they need to work on those relationships. They learn empathy and take a bite out of real-life work experiences and acquire critical 21st-century skills.   

Most importantly, they learn how to bounce back after failure.

With schools scrapping or limiting extra-curricular activities, the gap between academics and the real world will widen.  

What are educationists and ed-tech companies doing to address this significant need? Right now, the online learning market is flooded with hobby classes and stand-alone mentorship programs but the gap still exists.  

Schools will face three specific challenges after lockdown. Online lessons will continue because many parents will still be wary about sending their kids to school, so student engagement will still face a downswing. Teacher fatigue will be common. There will be gaps in continuity and student engagement.  

With students missing out on critical outdoor and extra-curricular skills, what can schools, parents and students do about it?

clever harvey for schools

Enter Clever Harvey, which has launched two important online programs – JuniorMBA and League of Innovators.  Tailor-made for schools in India opening virtually, these programs encourage skills to address the changing work order in the world. They are structured, full-fledged programs that truly build skills and scaffold academic learning. 

The League of Innovators is India’s first learning program for adaptability skills. Isn’t that the need of the hour, now that COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it?

Interestingly, this program teaches students to embrace upskilling, which will be a key force in the skills market of the future. Students will also learn 21st-century skills such as critical and systems thinking. They will also apply key UN development goals to their work. 

JuniorMBA, an online program on entrepreneurship skills, takes students right into the workplace of the future. They learn how to run ad campaigns, understand value propositions, conduct game-changing research, launch an app and identify patterns in their area of work. All batch sizes will be small and perfect for optimal learning. 

With schools scrapping many extra-curricular activities, Clever Harvey seeks to do more than just fill the gap. The programs will set students on track to meeting the Future of Work headlong and will teach them to adapt to a brave new world. 

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