14-Day Coding Challenge - An Opportunity to Build, Master, Test and Win through Coding

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Coding is the Real Deal!

Considering the interactions, we had with professionals from IT Companies, it is very clear that Coding is one of the primaries in the recruitment processes of the major IT Giants. May it be C, C++, Java, Python or Perl, proficiency in any one programming language is considered to be a powerful point for the recruiters. Irrespective of the graduation stream, any student with good coding skills in any language will be allowed to get an entry ticket into the IT Sector.  The recruitment tests, major IT companies conduct, are incomplete without a section that involves Programming Concepts. Coding Contest based hiring through CodeVita, Hackathon and other coding competitions has become one of the standard platforms for hiring students who have good coding skills. Students, nowadays, come across ample of websites online to learn how to code. But, to master it, just learning doesn't suffice.

How do you master Coding?

What is it that a student has to work on, to master coding? How will he/she reach the level of coding that is equal to the expectations of the recruiters of Top IT Companies like Microsoft, TCS, Infosys, WIPRO, Capgemini and Accenture? Such a big challenge isn't it?

To overcome such challenges, ConduiraOnline has come forward with an event called 14-Day Coding Challenge.

As I have mentioned earlier, to learn how to code is just not enough. Working on coding tasks frequently to process the level and get properly acquainted with the difficulty is what which makes one a coding expert. Through the 14-Day Coding Challenge, a student will get the opportunity to showcase his/her coding skills on a new coding task every day, for 14 days. The difficulty level of the coding tasks is equal to what big companies test for, making the event challenging enough (Fits with the Name) among thousands of students.

The 14-Day Coding Challenge will help students grasp knowledge on coding through the tasks, improve coding skills and by the end of each day, they will be given a coding test to examine their skills. These Coding Tasks are developed by experts and through the AI and ML configurations on our platform, the students will be assigned the tasks according to the coding curriculum. Also, through the Live Classes, students will have a chance to interact with professionals who have 15 years of experience in recruitment training, helping the students in every step. All you need to do is sign up through our Employability Prep Course for FREE, to access our platform and to build your recruitment skills.

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During the 14-day event, there will be a leaderboard, on display, which will provide you with the Live Rankings of Top 50 Performers leading in completing the highest number of Daily Tasks and Coding Tasks as well. In this way, you get to evaluate in which level you stand in terms of mastering your skills. Also, Top 25 Performers will be rewarded with Amazon vouchers, at the end of the 14-Day Coding Challenge.

To Participate - Register for ConduiraOnline Free Employability Prep Course

On the whole, the 14-Day Coding Challenge will help you build your skills, master them, put them to test and win. 14-Day Coding Challenge will commence on 15th July 2020 and end on 1st August 2020.

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