5 Things to Expect From Fast Education

All Lectera.com courses have been developed to fit the Fast Education method.

Fast access to the knowledge is the distinctive feature of each course. Learning takes only 10-15 minutes a day and is straightforward. It is perfectly integrated into your daily routine. The course provides the right amount of knowledge. You can use knowledge from day one. Courses include videos, reading materials, tests, tasks and glossaries.

The Fast Education method proved to be successful. In just one month after the global launch, Lectera.com has already gained more than 50,000 students. Courses are available in English, Spanish, German and Russian with Hindi localization before the end of the year. As of now, courses have an average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5.

The method of Fast Education rests on five pillars you repeat continually:

  • ·        KNOWLEDGE: you get the necessary information
  • ·        ACTION: you immediately put it into practice
  • ·        SKILLS: you acquire skills through practice
  • ·        RESULTS: you turn skills into results
  • ·        KNOWLEDGE CONSOLIDATION: you share knowledge, talk about it

A systematic approach to education is very important. The course must meet the goals you set for yourself. Training can be short but regular. The acquired knowledge must be applied immediately; otherwise you will quickly forget it. Courses are created to promote learning. You are not required to follow the sequence of classes. You can choose the part of the course that contains the most relevant knowledge for your current demand. There are no stop-tasks on any course. Often the task is the practical use of the acquired knowledge.

What does Fast Education give?

  • Learn the right things

You are expected to know the skills required in the job market. There is a noticeable gap between classical education and the demands of employers. Time management, leadership skills, soft and hard skills are required, but are often not taught in universities. You cannot succeed only with theoretical knowledge. You need practical guidance and skills training. Fast Education courses develop the right skills for work and career.

  • Learn every day

You must adhere to continuous learning. In many professions, spending four to six years studying at university is no longer enough to secure the future. Why? It's simple: competition and development rate. New knowledge and skills appear every day. You will have higher chances of employment if you are at the forefront of recent developments. So learning should be a regular thing. The courses offer knowledge in different formats so that you can choose the most suitable one for you every day.

  • Learn easy

Learning does not need to be invasive or stressful. The old teaching techniques required a lot of strength, nerves of steel and time. Traditional learning implied that a teacher forced, exerted a certain pressure on a student to study. Now imagine that we are talking about lifelong learning. Is there any stress free education? Yes, if the course does not take up too much space in your life. You will acquire a natural learning habit.

  • Learn fast

Time should fly as you study. We do not pay attention to time during our routine activities, such as taking a morning shower, having a coffee or commuting to work. We know more or less how long it takes and it doesn't change often. The same principle applies to education. You get used to learning, the knowledge you need is immediately available in one place, with a single click or touch. You read a motivational message in the morning to set the mood for the day. During the day, short 10-15 minute videos will distract you from routine tasks. At night you get something for the next day.

  • Learn to meet the goal

Learning and career planning go hand in hand. As a new student, you have the option of passing a test on job preferences and a self-assessment of your skills. The system analyzes the responses and offers you a relevant course. As you follow the course and take the tests, you can get more recommendations on skills that need further development. You will also receive some new course recommendations when the course ends. This is to help you plan for professional development. This is also to encourage your continued learning.

About the Author
Author: Mila Semeshkina
Mila Semeshkina is the founder and CEO of Lectera.com, an expert in fast and effective learning, the author of the Fast Education learning method, and the creator of dozens of training programs.

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