Forever Changing Your Life: The New Normal

Forever Changing Your Life: The New Normal

It seems distant and a mere memory of the way of life you lived just a few months earlier.

As time moves forward, there's a lot of uncertainty. But just how much of your life is now a permanent change and how much is temporary?

Learning From Home

If someone told you your children would talk to teachers online daily a few months ago you would throw a blank stare. However, today, it’s a reality. Getting children back to the classrooms seems delayed as well, putting parents once again at the kitchen table conducting school lessons. It’s not an ideal situation for anyone. Many parents need to return to work outside the home and many others have several children with different educational needs. With delays due to safety concerns, you may be looking at the future of schooling firsthand. There are some benefits to having children learn from home. First, they are with you, so your child’s safety is something you can check off the list. Second, you know your child well and can perform hands-on personalized lessons, something that’s not possible for teachers with many students. In-home tutoring sessions sourced online can help reduce areas of weakness. 

College Home Classes

It’s not just children in elementary through high school that find themselves at home. Many colleges are also offering online schooling as an option for their enrolled students. For students eager to experience their first stay-away-from-home schooling, this can put their mental health at risk. Finding a quiet space to study and learn can also become a challenge. However, with a few months under your belt, as a parent, you can move mountains to make it happen. Getting a quality education from a prestigious school is an honor your child achieved through good work ethics. Using these same skills by working independently and showing self-discipline is critical going forward to achieving success. 

Public Activities

It’s surreal to see empty playgrounds, parks, and city streets. Just a few months earlier the hustle and bustle were in full force. Who knew that things would change so dramatically? Sporting events are trying to slowly return without crowds, and restaurants have some capacity for outdoor and indoor dining. Still, people are not ready to venture anywhere that draws large crowds. Large, well-known parks like Disney are open for business, but the thought of wearing a mask during their visit is not appealing to many people. Unfortunately, it will take time to restore normalcy, and it may end up that crowds going forward will be far smaller.  

Staying Connected Through Social Media

With many remaining at home in some capacity, staying connected to loved ones is important to maintaining healthy relationships. Isolation is not good for any human. Thankfully, this is one benefit of technology that everyone can agree on, seeing each other face-to-face! You may not be able to hug, but you can talk directly to each other through a virtual experience. Teachers and employers are using similar platforms to remain connected. 

The New Workplace

Large office buildings line the streets of big cities. Today, however, many remain virtually empty. Is this the new face of the future? This may happen as businesses craft new ways to keep operations running outside the walls of their large buildings. There are many appealing positives for companies that benefit their pockets. First, lower overhead. While you may need a few employees on the premises, most can work from home. Fewer clashes of personalities through gossip chambers and higher levels of performance are other advantages to the work-at-home way of life. It benefits employees, too. No more long commutes, expensive wardrobes, lunches or coffees ordered out, all of which save time and money.  

Life is rapidly changing. Whether or not implemented measures remain permanent or temporary solutions is something you’ll discover in the future.

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