China’s EdTech Situation & The Future

China’s EdTech situation

Technology keeps on changing, and any country has to embrace the great benefits that new technology brings forth.

China has not been left behind in such innovative practices that will elevate the standards of its citizens.

China has embraced education technology as a way of making education comfortable and accessible to all learners. Various startups have emerged over the years and gone public to support this great innovation.

This article discusses the state of EdTech in China by highlighting its present and future situation.

Evolution of China’s EdTech Market

The EdTech market in China is enormous because of the nation’s large population. The market is estimated to have 423 million users in 2020. Compared to the previous year, the market has a significant rise of about 12.3% as reported by iiMedia Research.

The increase witnessed during this year is due to the coronavirus pandemic which has forced most learners to study online. With the high number of users, China stands out as the world’s largest market for EdTech.

Despite having a large market, China needs to improve the informal integration of technology in classrooms. However, teachers in China give and collect assignments online and also conduct dialogues with students through EdTech platforms.

Evolution of Investments in EdTech

China has invested more in EdTech than the US. In the first half of 2019, the state invested about $3.5 billion. According to a study by HolonIQ, in 2018, China invested more money in EdTech firms than all other countries combined.

The funding in China was about $7.22 billion while in other states, it stood at approximately $5.23 billion. The funding increases as time goes by because of the growth in the market for EdTech.

In 2018, 97 unicorn companies were established in China. The online education investment in 2020 has increased to $4.8 billion across the 377 round in the world. This change is an increment compared to 2019 because the data indicated did not cover the remaining three months of the year.

As reported by CB Insights, it should be noted that most of this funding came from China’s EdTech startups. Yuanfundao raised $1 billion while Zuoyebang raised $750 million in March and June respectively. Eight of the ten top-funded EdTech players are all from China. This is an indication that the Chinese market for EdTech is vast.


By September 2019, there were 993 EdTech startups in china. These investments started in China, but they do not offer their services to the Chinese only but also globally.

EdTech platforms assist students in homework and preparation for assessments. Some also carry out virtual classrooms and online interactive sessions that will help students in their learning.

Yuanfadao is a famous platform that has various products, including live tutoring and homework support apps. Other renowned platforms are VipKid, 17zuoye, DadaABC, and Zuoyebang.

The Future of EdTech in China

The future of EdTech in China seems to be bright. With the generous funding that the industry has received, it is projected that more children will enroll in school and use the digitized system. The EdTech mode of delivery will accommodate more learners.

The Chinese government introduced the gaokao system to improve literacy levels in school-going children. This initiative is one pointer that the government supports the EdTech and will make necessary adjustments to support it fully.

Chinese government envisions creating access to quality education for all children. Therefore, it might consider digitizing the state’s education system to accommodate all learners.

Online and simulated environment assessments are developments of consideration in the future. The education ministry hopes that the private sector will unlock the full value of education initiatives such as Virtual Augmented Reality programs.

The business world needs to look out for innovations so that it can realize the value and make necessary adjustments in various organizations.

Key Takeaways

  • China has embraced education as an essential tool for empowering children.
  • China’s large population provides a healthy market to EdTech.
  • China stands at a competitive level in EdTech when compared to the US.
  • China is indisputably the world leader in EdTech through funding and its size.
  • Funding for China’s EdTech platforms continues to increase. The future is bright.
  • Because of the huge funding, China will continue leading globally.
  • The education system in China might be modernized sooner.
  • Most of the leading platforms in EdTech are from China.
About the Author
Author: Rafik Fellal
Rafik Fellal Rafik Fellal is the Deputy VP of Sales at Kognity, the Online Learning & Teaching Platform for the IBDP and Cambridge IGCSE. Having worked previously as a teacher in Switzerland, he is passionate about EdTech and being able to work with schools to improve learning across all continents. He has a Masters in Socio-Economics from the University of Geneva/Universidad Complutense Madrid and studied Political Science at the University of Lausanne/San Diego State University. He recently moved out of Bangkok and now resides in Stockholm and is working towards increasing Kognity's presence in the world.

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