Distinctive Edtech Startups To Know About

Distinctive Edtech Startups To Know About

Edtech industry is aiding education needs, accessibility, and reach globally. Undoubtedly, the benefits we have seen over the years from edtech are uncountable.

However, there are some aspects of education that go beyond the curriculum. There is a dire need to educate children about climatic change, being a responsible citizen, their social responsibilities, the various aspects of sex education, time management, and some other crucial skills that may not reflect in their academics but build a positive personality and character. 

While the never-ending education startups seem to keep growing every day, there are a few that stand out in teaching children beyond academia. 

This list focuses on such startups that are breaking the norms of education and teaching about other crucial concepts and skills. 


With a philosophy to prepare children for life rather than just colleges and careers, this digital platform is built to develop 21st-century skills and competencies. They believe that we need to empower children with critical skills and values that will enable them to be adaptable, innovative, and purpose-driven in tomorrow's world. They do the needful by providing children with a daily stream of current affairs and personalized interest areas. The content comes in adjustable reading levels to supercharge the learner's curiosity. They make you future ready by providing engaging activities, specially designed to focus on your action areas across all future skills. Users can develop meaningful conversations, coached with feedback on their clarity, pauses, energy levels, and use of rich vocabulary. While they don't focus on any particular skill in any particular way, they enrich your general knowledge around the areas of your interest and help you improve in a 360-degree manner.


A flagship e-learning program of Aveti Learning Limited, the platform Shikhya is an extension of their efforts to improve education availability to the underprivileged Indian students. Through this platform, they provide high-quality digital education in more than 15 regional languages. It enhances educational standards through personalized and project-based learning, creating Math, Science, Humanities e-learning content, thousands of video lectures, and interactive assessments, all according to the syllabus as mandated by the local school board. The platform is no less than many highly talked about LMS, but the purpose makes all the difference.

Dost Education

While most platforms cater to students' education needs, this one platform is enabling parents of kids to assist them in their early education. Dost Education empowers aspiring middle-income parents in India to improve their child's early development and school success. Their content helps parents of any literacy level to take charge of their child's early education. Short, friendly audio content is sent to parents via their mobile phones, making it easy, fun, and addictive for parents to boost their child's early development, so low-income families need no longer send their children to primary school behind and without a chance to catch up.


This is an innovative platform to let the insta generation know that they are not alone. The platform crowdsources authentic teen stories on topics like puberty, bullying, identity, and mental health and connects teens with additional resources. The aim is to ensure that all teens have the information, resources, and support they need to be healthy, regardless of who they are or where they live.


Untaboo is a company dedicated to Sex-Sexuality-Safety education. While we still find stigma and taboos attached to talk and discuss sex, this platform is doing a great job in parting age-appropriate education. Sex education is a dire need, and to be safe, one needs to be aware of it. They do so through several diverse mediums such as Workshops, Community Interventions, Talks, Play, Stand-Up Comedy, Blogs, Books, WhatsApp Support Groups & YouTube. Their Sex Education Is Age-Appropriate & Includes: Teaching kids about the Okay and Not Okay touch, Knowing their bodies & learning to respect not only theirs but others bodies as well, Understanding the Difference between the male and female bodies, Learning about the Changes at Puberty - physical, emotional as well as social and then moving on to a wide variety of topics related to Sex, Sexuality, Relationships, and Safety.


This is the most unique edtech startup on this list. Addressing the issue of climate change and how things are going wrong will worsen if we don't get alert now. It is an online climate school aimed at solving difficult climate change problems. Found amidst the pandemic, Anshuman Bapna started the platform in 2020. You can do a crash course in all things related to climate, meet like-minded people from the same community, and prospect collaborators on this platform. With their course, you can also get opportunities to work on projects from the most effective climate organizations.


This platform provides access to hundreds of educational videos, interactive lessons, and resources. The skill areas they target includes Self-Management, Relationship Management, Stress Management, Communication, Planning & Goal Setting, Decision Making, and Advocacy. The platform does offer courses and classes that enable users to find their path to health in grades K-12 and beyond. Users can access and create learning experiences to develop knowledge, skills, and healthy living values.

Iesha Learning

Iesha Learning is a provider of sex education and gender content for boys and girls. They educate children on puberty, love, menstruation, menstrual hygiene, emotional changes, reproduction, sexual health, consent, gender sensitization, girl empowerment and education, LGBTQ, and more!

Understanding that the western style of sex education may not work within Indian institutions, they work around their curriculum to ensure that the purpose is served. They have multimedia content, games, discussions, and worksheets; to deliver the right information. Schools, NGOs, and institutions can get in touch to adopt their courses. Nilima Achwal is the woman behind this platform. Read her inspiring story here.


This platform is enabling students with special needs access to education in online mode. The startup provides engaging and effective learning and therapy tech solutions. Behind this innovative solution is Emily Smith, a certified speech-language pathologist. Their high-quality, federally-mandated special education and related therapy services can be availed through video conference. Certified providers conduct these classes/conferences to students from anywhere around the globe. The company is based out of Chicago and works with school districts internally to provide remote special education and related services as needed and seamlessly recover Medicaid funding for eligible services.


This platform uses the art of storytelling to make code learning one-of-a-kind experiences for kids. They offer an animated sitcom series to teach kids the basic programming concepts via live 1:1 to students of age 10 and above. Other additional resources in the form of video lessons, DIY activities, and projects are available to practice and learn.


The language barrier often becomes a hurdle in acing things people want to do. This platform, GUVI trains people to build skill technologies and helps them land in their dream job. Learners can learner a variety of technical courses created by industry experts in many vernacular languages. This bridges the language barrier and enables people in acquiring the technological skills they desire. Users can learn coding in their native languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telegu and more.


Not just different but rather a unique and advanced way to address "career counselling". The platform provides in-depth career advice and knowledge from the experts in the selective field. Unlike most platforms, you'll find information and advice from experts in various career options like filmmaking, entrepreneurship, starting a cafe, becoming a fashion blogger, freelancing, stand-up comedy, food blogging, beatboxing and many such out of the box options. The platform talks about varied professions and helps youngsters seeking information for their career building.


Unlike most skill teaching platforms, Kyt stands out by offering extracurricular lessons to children aged 5 to 15. The platform leverages technology to provide lessons on activities such as vocals, dance, yoga, language, and others. Their short duration courses are ideal for young minds wanting to explore, try and learn new things. Kids can try their hands-on multiple activities, including baking, art, magic, animation, doodle, and more. The startup claims that more than 1000 students have so far taken courses or attended workshops on its platform. It currently has more than 20 teachers onboard.


StoryTelling is a part of kids’ childhood. We can add value to this daily activity by making the right story choices. This tool stands out by making the ritual of storytelling engaging, and meaningful. At the end of every story, kids have to do a small activity that makes all the difference. The tool is filled with stories and practices that have been carefully designed to create an emotional experience between parents and children. There are engaging practices like Breathing Exercises and Mini-Meditation designed exclusively for children that makes kids think and be creative while maintaining a calm mind. The stories consciously and engagingly touch on many important issues such as negative emotions and difficult life circumstances. At the same time, they focus on nurturing creativity and garnering compassion, acceptance, and appreciation of the beauty and diversity of our surroundings.

The future of edtech is fascinating. With the immense potential to change the way we teach; we can see new initiatives work around various aspects to make learning the best for students. But the initiatives that are doing the job of ensuring that we go beyond the defined curriculum and are making a way to instil students with a lot more than just Math, Science, English needs to be talked about more often. 

If I have missed any such change-making startup or initiative, make a mention in the comments section below. 

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka is a blogger by profession and has an increasing interest to write about the edtech space. While writing she keeps in mind the educators to come up with right resources and ideas which might be relevant for them in relation to effective use of technology in their profession and institutions/classrooms.
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