Videos On Pandemic Teaching Educators Must Watch

Videos On Pandemic Teaching Educators Must Watch

The profession of teachers requires them to plan their teaching to meet the needs of student learning.

While planning comes as the second nature of the job, certainty comes as its best friend. The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 brought about a huge change and took all the planning down the waste. While teachers had plans of starting the new sessions with a fresh perspective and approach; they suddenly faced a drastic shift in their teaching practices.   

The shift left teachers unprepared along with the responsibility of students' learning needs. While most educators are familiar with tech integration, no one would have ever thought of completely switching to a virtual learning environment on such short notice.  

This whole situation has been overwhelming for educators across the globe. In this post, I am sharing a list of videos that will help you teach online in these tough times.  

1. How To Teach Online During A Global Pandemic (This Is Not A Drill) 

The video talks about several options you have to shift to an online learning environment. The educator in frame talks about teaching core subjects such as English with technology, efficient use of Google classrooms, using the available resources and the additional resources that you will need to work on and a lot more that you’d find of use.   

2. Effective Online Teaching During Covid-19 Pandemic (Part 2) 

The video covers the following topics that would help you with the online teaching. 

- Best Tools information for multidisciplinary teaching needs.  

- Effective Teaching online platforms for teachers to learn and post their video.   

- Best online tools and platform for students to learn and upgrade their knowledge.   

3. Balancing Teaching And Technology For Remote Education 

In this video, Christine Hagedorn, a professor from Rosemont College, reviews her journey through the 2020 year as teaching has moved online. In this live session, she explained how blended learning environments provide students with transferable skills they can leverage in the real world, including problem-solving and the ability to take research into their own hands. Christine shares her journey of switching into a virtual environment and explains how you can take the loop and learn to move with the reality now. If you were to watch one video of the all, this is the one!  

4. Teaching Math Remotely At Any Grade Level 

Watch a former math teacher and a technology integration specialist as they present strategies to help move math instruction to the digital learning environment. Step by step, they uncover best practices for engaging with math students remotely and how you can facilitate and engage students in math learning in a virtual learning environment.  

5. Three Online Teaching Tools For Teachers 

This is the perfect video to get started with the basic tools you’d need for your math class. It covers the tools you need for online video calling, online whiteboard software and the software you can use to teach math online. The good part is that this channel on YouTube will probably solve all your queries about tech integration as the content revolves around building online tutoring. You must check out the video collection, and you’ll probably find what you’ve been searching for.  

6. Teaching During A Pandemic: The Path Ahead 

“Skip the cheese and eat more chocolate” is the educator's wise advice to all teachers struggling with the shift to the online teaching environment. This video is the perfect dose of motivation and inspiration you need. Listen to educators in the TED-Ed community share how they've adapted- not just to survive this period of strife, but to build a better world for students and educators. 

What tips would you like to share with your fellow teachers for a better online learning environment? 

Please share with us in the comments section below.  

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