How Are Teachers Using Social Media For Learning In School?

How Are Teachers Using Social Media For Learning In School?

Social Media is very common nowadays.

Almost everyone uses it to gain knowledge and share it with others. Nowadays teachers use this technology to create a good classroom experience for the students which not only makes it an interactive experience but makes studies a great experience.

Here are few social media ways that will help students and teachers:

  • Cost-effective education - It’s a great way to enrich your knowledge without investing much money, students and teachers can make the best use of this method to enhance their skills.
  • Meet the experts - Social media has emerged the whole world at one place. You can view videos and meet people online. Not just that, you can connect with any expert from your field or industry and take their guidance and clear your doubts with them. The expert could be in a different country, it wouldn’t matter as all you need is an active internet connection.
  • Enhances knowledge - Children in the social media age, tend to read and learn new things daily, as social media spreads a lot of information regarding any political activity or so on.
  • Enhances social credibility - The students learn to interact and get socially active with people. They learn to talk to new people and become confident personalities for their future.
  • Easier to research - Social media has people from all age groups. It is easier to speculate and research about their likings, dislikes, and other aspects. This helps the students and academic researchers to get an accurate insight into a particular topic of study.
  • Makes studies Interesting - The old bookish style old studies often gets boring. Rather, students enjoy studies the most with videos, audio, and pictures. They tend to understand the concept in a much better way, which will help them form a great personality.
  • Clear the questions anytime - Often teachers are not able to clear the queries of the kids in the classrooms due to the short time limit. With the advancement of social media technology, the teachers and the students can connect after classes and help them with the concepts that are not clear for the students.
  • Collaborative learning - The students while learning through social media, tend to share it with their peers or classmates. This kind of sharing of information is known as collaborative learning.
  • Virtual Libraries - The school or the institute can make a platform that is only accessed by the students of that particular school, they can share the notes, assignments and class lectures, and other important stuff here.

Hence, these were some ways social media can be useful in the learning process for both students and teachers.

The Modern School Faridabad takes care of all these aspects and provides a great learning experience for the students understanding the needs of the times. The CBSE school focuses on the all-around development of the child making them a confident personality. 

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