What Is On-Demand Tutoring? & Top On-Demand Tutoring Companies

What is On-Demand Tutoring? + Top On-Demand Tutoring Companies

On-demand tutoring is what Uber is for hiring cabs.

When students need help with their learning needs, they can easily find a tutor with the help of online platforms offering on-demand tutoring services. A skilled tutor can help students with all their learning needs, whether you need help with a research paper, require help with entrance exams, learn music, yoga, a new skill or any learning need. Typically, tutoring services are offered by universities, public and private schools, trade programs, individuals and some workplaces as well. But, fortunately, in today's digital times, you can easily find high-quality tutors with a few clicks. Online platforms are offering on-demand tutoring services to help you with your learning needs online and offline as and when required by you.   

Enlisted are the top on-demand tutoring companies and apps you must know about.


Chegg probably is the most popular and go-to solution for on-demand tutoring. The perfect mix of subject variety, flexibility, and affordability. The tutors on board come from the top colleges and universities, mentoring students in varied subjects, including art subjects like music. The platform offers services round the clock, making it easy for students to reach out whenever needed. There's a directory of thousands of homework problems on the platform for students to learn. The user can upload a photo and ask the experts for help with their specific question.   

The pricing for the platform is plan based. It costs about $14.95 a month and includes access to select textbook solutions, video walkthroughs and practice sets, and experts. There are additional features like Chegg Writing, Math Solver, and so that will cost extra.    

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review offers world-class tutoring services, and that's what put it on the top of the list. This is probably the best tutoring service available for students looking for academic help. They aim to provide personalised, innovative, best-in-class private tutoring, test prep, and admission products and services to help students knock down barriers and achieve their academic goals. All tutors on board are the best in class and subject area. They have to go through rigorous training to know how to teach the material in the best ways to achieve their best results.   

Varsity Tutors

The company offers multiple solutions for learning at home. Apart from on-demand tutoring, what sets them apart is their instant tutoring services. The varsity tutors live tutoring app. with this app, students access 24/7 chat functions, whiteboard pages, videos, homework upload, and over 200,000 practice and test prep questions.  

Amid pandemic, they have also launched their school-at-home program that offers you the ease of personalised education in sync with certain curriculum providing you full charge of your child's day to day schooling. The pricing for varsity services is on the higher side. Learners are expected to pay around $70 per hour for private sessions. Detailed pricing for their services can be requested from their website.   


The platform allows students from college, middle and high school, and elementary schools to find tutors per their requirements. You get to choose from multiple tutors and make your pick after reviewing the profile and experience of other students. The platform is power-packed with features that allow students to write, type, draw on digital whiteboards to hire their concerns and doubts, chat with a tutor on instant messaging, sharing files, diagrams, graphs, etc. is possible within the app. also, students can reply to their tutoring sessions if required. Their services are available 24/7, hence, making it an excellent option for quick guidance when it's needed the most. Their pricing starts at $0.80 per minute, and you get the option to pay as you go. They also offer other plans where you can save some bucks if you know you'll be taking up their services. 

Wyzant Tutors

Wyzant has to be one of the best apps on this list. The reason lies in the way they offer their tutoring services. Students do not have to pay per hour or subscribe to any monthly or yearly plans. Instead, the pricing is determined by the tutors on board. Suppose students like to take up any tutoring service. In that case, they can pre-screen instructors to see what experience they have in the subject, how much they charge, and their availability (online, offline, or both). And the best part is that students using this platform are protected by Wyzant's Good Fit Guarantee. If any student isn't satisfied with their first tutoring hour, the session is free of cost.   

All personal lessons on the platform are archived for later review for students. Outside of one-on-one teaching, the site also hosts already completed lessons in varied subjects for your next quick cram before the big test.  

Pearson's Smarthinking

This platform is known for its tutoring services in the area of writing skills. Though most of the tutors onboard have master's degree or Ph.Ds in their chosen area can teach school or college students in almost any area of their expertise, they are known for helping students reach their potential in writing. Their services are fairly priced for the expertise they offer. Four hours of on-demand, online tutoring in your choice of over 150 subjects costs about $150, while an hour costs roughly $45. And the best part is that you can also submit your or your child's work sample like SAT or school essay assignment for a comprehensive review by an expert writing tutor. The service is chargeable depending upon the work you submit.   

Learn To Be

Learn To Be is one of the most budget-friendly platforms for on-demand tutoring. While we cannot deny the value on-demand tutoring platform add to students, they may come a little pricey, and many students may not be able to afford the services. This platform removes the concern of affordability for students who are seeking quality education at affordable prices.   

Learn To Be is a non-profit organisation aiming to bridge that gap with a "choose if you can pay" model for their one-on-one online tutoring in a digital classroom.  

The company has helped more than 2,000 students with their learning needs since it was launched in 2012. They offer tutoring services in math, science, reading, and English to K-12 students from qualified families. To avail of their services, the parent has to fill out an enrolment form. If you get approved, your child will be matched with a tutor by email, and they can carry forward and work on a personalised study plan from there.


The platform caters to the learning needs of language learners. The company boasts of thousands of native-speaking tutors from about 185 countries around the globe. The platform is helpful for students who are looking to work on their language skills, improve vocab, complete foreign language assignments or want to be skilled with multiple languages.    

Students can find a tutor on the website by searching for them by availability, nationality, language, or cost. Users can read reviews on tutors from other students who have availed of the services before to get an idea about the tutors. If students aren't satisfied with the first session with a new tutor, they can ask for another tutor from Preply free of cost or get a full refund. All tutors onboard set their prices and schedule; students can schedule their first session depending on the availability and continue their learning journey.   


TutaPoint stands out by hiring expert tutors, primarily retired teachers, college, and university professors, teaching assistants, and ensuring that learners onboard get to learn from the experts. They offer on-demand tutoring via private, live, one-on-one virtual tutoring as per learners' schedule. Apart from academic tutoring, they are known for their services for SAT and ACT test prep. They also offer Specialized Test Preparation, tailored especially for students with learning differences. This makes it possible for students with ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, or learning disabilities to learn through their live sessions with tutors who have specialised training in helping students with learning differences.  


This platform is solely catering to students who want to learn mathematics. They have learning centres in over 1,000 locations and also offer an online alternative called Mathnasium@home. Their online portal offers the same customised, one-on-one math tutoring programs taught by the same expert instructors. They offer math learning programs for elementary, middle and high school students developed to help students struggle with math. And students with advanced skills in the subject can challenge up their skills and learn to level up. Their pricing for online tutoring ranges from about $200 to $300 per program.  


The platform connects students with the right tutors through their platform. However, the way they make it possible is different from how most platforms work. Students can mention their tutoring needs on the platform, and they are connected with the right tutors instantly. Then, students can read reviews, message, or call tutors and make an educated decision when they're ready to hire. The platform is equally useful for teachers and educators who are looking for an extra job. Multiple factors like age, skill, and expertise are considered before matching and students to tutor so that students get what they're looking for and tutors can help students to the best of their potential.   


TutorMe promises to have the best tutors and maintains the quality; they conduct intensive rounds of interviews and verification. Apparently, as per them, the acceptance rate is only 4% of all the applied tutors. The selected tutors are the best in their domain. Students can connect to them within 30 seconds after receiving tuition requests. The best part is that the platform offers a free trial session. This way, you can try their services before investing your money. The pricing is on a pay as you model with a minimum of $1 per minute. Alternatively, they do offer monthly plans with a limited number of hours. All lessons -- whether video, audio, screen share or otherwise -- are archived for later viewing by students. Also, they cover 300 subjects across all grade levels and offer thousands of tutors who specialise in these subjects.   

Genext Students  

 Genext Students is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled home tutoring education platform. Their online tutoring solutions offer online learning programs for students aged 10 to 18. their private tutoring services are available in all major subjects, i.e., Maths, Science, Social Science & Languages (Hindi & English) for the national & a few state Boards across India. This is a one-of-its-kind platform that brings quality home tutors with proprietary content to parents/students using technology as a key driver. Check out their website to know more about their programs, pricing and reviews from other students.   

Club Z  

The platform offers in-home and online tutoring services to students. As per the company, their tutoring "has a 98% satisfaction rate and will help you increase two letter grades in as little as 60 days." similar to many other platforms, they promise to refund money for the first session if the student isn't satisfied with their service. They offer tutoring services in more than 300 subjects ranging from pre-K to general study skills, music lessons, foreign language and all the way through college. The pricing depends on the tutor. Students have to make tutoring requests on the website to know about the pricing model.   


eTutorWorld offers K-12 online tutoring and test prep for students preparing for various entrance exams. They offer personalised, tailor-cut one-to-one teaching sessions that help students learn at their pace. Their Learning by Design teaching method helps students set goals and achieve them as teachers work with the students and design lesson plans based on their abilities and interests. Their tutors are mentors to the students who not only teach them but also understands student's problem areas and helps them work on them effectively. All tutors onboard are trained in federal and state curriculums. Also, the platform offers a free trial session with no credit card required. Their starting prices for plans range from $21-$49 per session.  


This is India's first home tuition app that bridges the gap between knowledge seeker and provider. They get you the right tutor for academics and yoga, music, dance, languages, and more such arts. They aim to build a brand of quality home tutors (Qriyo Gurus). The pricing depends on the service students require. Students have to provide the details of location, class, subject and other information. After analysing your given information, they analyse your requirements and provide you with the details of the tutors and their pricing.  


A lot of special needs student do home-school, and they often need help with their education. It's important that special needs students learn from tutors who understand their learning styles. This website makes it possible by having all qualified special education tutors on board. All their tutors have at least a Bachelor's Degree in special education, ensuring that tutors address students' concerns as required, considering everything in mind. Their pricing starts at $20 per hour.   


TutorEye boasts of offering online tutoring at the lowest prices. They provide tuition for multiple subjects, and all their tutors are qualified experts in their respective subject areas. The liberty of scheduling and setting up the class remains with the students. Students can also opt for live sessions to learn from their tutors face to face and raise questions in real-time. Whiteboard interaction facilities are also available to help student communicate their problems to the tutor and get their concepts clear easily. The platforms offer a free trial, and the paid plans work on a pay as you go model priced at a mere $.50 per minute. Monthly packages are also from $7.49.   

Aim4A Tutoring   

This platform provides tutoring services for the core subjects like Math, Science, and English for elementary, middle, high school, and college students. Their services are ideal for students seeking homework help, concept clarification, learning new concepts, exam prep for standard entrance exams, etc. The platform offers weekend as well as weekdays tutoring plans with the flexibility to pick class time. The platform uses audio and data conferencing to teach students. Also, their plans offer customised learning material for each student based on placement tests and progress made.   


This Bengaluru-based on-demand mobile tutoring platform has developed a mobile app to help students prepare for entrance exams with ease. Their app connects students seeking help with tutors instantly. Tutors on the app get a request from the students. They can connect with students, quote prices for each session and start their teaching-learning journey.  

Revolution Prep   

Tutors on this platform are appointed as full-time employees that guarantee you their 100 per cent dedication towards students' learning goals. The platform is known for its special study programs that help students prepare for SAT/ACT exams. Apart from this, they do offer tutoring services and homework help in 37 subjects. They also offer group tuition services. The pricing starts from $99 per month and varies depending upon the subject and service.    


The platform features a vast network of around 28000 people that help students to reach their desired tutor. They offer online tutoring services to students between grades 3- 12. The platform offers flexible solutions, and their services are available 24x7 for student convenience. Also, all tutoring sessions are archived for later viewing by students. Their pricing range between $40 to $80 and varies as per requirements.  


The platform has a reputation in the industry for its tech services. They offer varied tech and STEm programs for learners of all age to up their tech game. Their personalised tutoring programs are conducted in a one-on-one model where students are guided by their elite experts from top universities like Stanford, NYU, and Caltech. They also have small group lessons and spring and summer camps where children can learn other soft skills and tech skills. The platform offers in-demand skills programs and creates a personalised project for students as per their needs and requirements that can be accessed online. Their services are available for learners between ages 7 and 19. The user gets a list of courses apt for them after picking the major categories they're interested in. The programs are divided into four levels, i.e. beginner, intermediate, advanced and a "not sure" level that you can pick if you know a little but not enough about the course you're going to take.   


The portal's homepage asks the user to give the course name they want to access or select a subject from finance, chemistry, accounting, mathematics and literature. The user interface is different from most platforms. Still, they promise to give better results than most other tutoring services with lesser efforts. Upon giving your course or subject pick, you're navigated to a page where you get to know about the availability of tutors for your query. You can fill in other details and get connected with the tutor.   


This platform can replace the best coaching centres with their expert services. FILO is an education app that aims to bridge the gap between students and teacher through their service. They connect students of India with expert teachers through a simple video call who help answer their questions & explain to them concepts they are stuck at. Unlike other players in the industry, their USP is the quick, live doubt clearing sessions that ensure that students do not have to wait and look out for teachers to get their queries resolved.   

Photo study  

The platform offers tutoring services for math and science problems. Students can get help 24x7 and learn from their expert tutors. They have held "Over 3 million study sessions with over 20,000 expert tutors." users also get to try a free session. Their pricing varies, and users have to register or get in touch with them to know about their pricing plans.   

Course Hero 

The platform gives the user instant access depository of Study Resources, Course Notes, Test Prep, 24/7 Homework Help, Tutors, and more. The platform offers course-specific study resources contributed by a community of students and educators that learners can access and go through. Apart from this, their tutoring services are available 24/7. Students can submit questions on their home page and get them answered by experts in time no more than 15 minutes. All you have to do is type in your queries or question, select the subject/course/field of study, give other necessary details (name, email etc.) and get connected with a tutor.    


Get access to verified tutors 24/7 on demand. Users can access 20 million homework answers, class notes, and study guides in the Notebank section on the platform. This global platform welcomes students of all levels to learn and deepen their knowledge banks. Their Micro tutoring service connects students with the best-suited tutor to help them with their academic problems. The tutors and the platform decide the pricing. Charges students for their question only after selecting a tutor to work with or after choosing to be auto-matched to a tutor. Tutors are paid through the platform. They do not get their fee until the student has reviewed the question or 72 hours after the time limit has passed. If students aren't satisfied with the service, they can always request a refund.  

Ace Tutors   

Ace Tutors allows students to find a tutor for themselves. The search can be done based on my subject, location, gender, and tutor type. Users can also find tutors for one-on-one, group classes, and tuition centres. The platform works as a depository of tutors. Anyone looking for a tutor will find their fit on this platform. The platform offers a list of tutors for maths, physics, chemistry, biology English, Tamil, etc.   

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