Providing Quality And Affordable Education To Rural Students During The Pandemic

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Despite an increasing literacy rate, is every Indian getting the education that the current times demand? Is the quality of education we impart up to the mark?

Sadly, the answer is ‘NO’.

Despite the 2020-2021 EdTech revolution, the Indian education system continues to face many issues, including compromised quality, rural-urban gap, high cost for quality education, etc. People who cannot afford high-fee institutes end up with a sub-par education that doesn’t let them acquire the skills or knowledge they want.

As per ASER, around 50% of students of the 5th standard from rural schools cannot read a text meant for junior classes. Rural regions are the most affected in education. The reasons behind the lag are the insufficient number of schools, commuting problems, poor infrastructure, lack of well-trained teachers, and unaffordable education.

With the uncertainty of school shut-downs, the pandemic has aggravated the situation. Education for the rural sector and the lower-income sector has suffered the most. Lack of resources and knowledge to make the digital shift came across as one of the prime reasons for many school children to drop their education.

Apart from school education, students preparing for competitive exams and job-related exams have dropped their education plans due to the high fee expenses in these difficult times. The continuous lockdowns and restrictions have resulted in a massive income and health shock for many rural households.

Many EdTech solutions have surfaced to help learners in these difficult times. The best thing about EdTech solutions is that the quality of education remains the same irrespective of regions. With many options at hand, people can choose the best fit for their learning needs as per their budgets.

CareerWill is one platform that is helping learners acquiring knowledge at affordable prices. Established in June 2015 by Rakesh Kumar and Pawan Kumar, CareerWill is an Indian EdTech company that provides K12 learning services and test & competitive exam preparation classes. They aim to provide quality education to all students at the most affordable prices so that nothing comes between them and their desire to learn even with limited resources.

Their app offers advanced courses for government exam preparation and almost all other competitive exams. Their content is in sync with the latest exam pattern and syllabus. It is available in both Hindi and English.

For the K12 sector, CareerWill offers free content through their YouTube channel, “CareerWill Online School” And complete school curriculum on app. The channel features learning content for classes 6 to 12. Users can get PDF Notes in Hindi and English and access interactive live classes. The course covers a comprehensive curriculum with a result-oriented approach that helps learners in acing their subject knowledge. The availability on YouTube — a platform known to everyone and accessible on smartphones — makes it perfect for people who aren’t familiar with using EdTech apps or are limited by internet access. Their channel is useful for students, teachers, schools, and education leaders alike.

Students can learn at their convenience and schedule with access to mobile app and YouTube channel offering free study material & mock tests. Live classes are also conducted for query & doubt resolution. All the classes & sessions are recorded and are available for access if students miss a class.

The impact of their effort is visible in the student response.

In 3 years, they have taught over 1.2 million students and have over 3 million app downloads.

As per their data, a student spends staggering 180 minutes on their app daily.

The success sorties of students from a rural background who have benefitted from the platform are a clear indication that the CareerWill team is on the right path.


Standardized quality of education is what everyone deserves. No student should have to drop out because they can't afford a quality education. It is impressive to see how CareerWill is using tech & is working on making standard, quality and affordable education available for all, especially the rural segment. They offer affordable quality education from the best teachers in the country.

We highly recommend you to check CareerWill’s free courses. You can also download their app and explore the full course library.

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka is a blogger by profession and has an increasing interest to write about the edtech space. While writing she keeps in mind the educators to come up with right resources and ideas which might be relevant for them in relation to effective use of technology in their profession and institutions/classrooms.
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