Key Traits Of A Modern Workplace Learning & Training Environment

Key Traits Of A Modern Workplace Learning & Training Environment

As technology takes centre stage in our lives, workplace learning has transformed, leading to changing ways of learning and training for employees.

The use of technology has empowered the workforce to take control of their learning. With pervasive changes, the world is becoming dynamic and calls for constant unlearning, learning, and up-learning.  The demand for advanced skills drives the professionals to upskill constantly, and they're on the lookout to find the best resources that meet their demands and helps them stay abreast and relevant.   

Modern workplace training happens when employees use technology to learn and access the right information at the right time. With access to technology and solutions offered with it, it is possible for employees to easily access information, share it, and learn whatever they want to. This helps them in constantly improving themselves. 

With changing times, alike customers, even employees have a high expectation of your business. Needless to say, organisations that look after the need for learning and training for employees get an edge over the competitor companies. This not only implies the thought of wellbeing of the employees but also leads to enhanced performance of employees, which is beneficial for the employer as well. Also, an organisation that takes care of its employees learning needs is usually the attraction source for newcomers, especially the millennial talent. 

Enlisted are the key traits of a modern workplace learning and training environment.

A Common Goal

One of the key features of a happy workplace is a common goal of the organisation and employees and teamwork to make it possible. Humans are social creatures, and interaction, exchange of ideas, and shared responsibilities make the best recipe for achieving goals. To make it happen, communication is the only rule, and it is a must that there is clear communication and ways to collaborate. Technology aids in fulfilling these basic needs. There are ways to stay connected, communicate, and be social with the team. Every team member must know what they're working towards, how they can measure their success and the right steps that they need to follow. This helps all strive towards a common goal. 


Modern-day employees are all about flexibility. They want the flexibility to adjust their work schedules with their busy lives. Perhaps, they are the most productive at midnight odd hours, so why they should be cheated out of their best potential and forced to work at daytime simply because that has always been like that. The future of the workspace would be about tasks completed and not the time spent. Many surveys and reports also suggest a different resource configuration consisting of other flexible options that employees would seek, I.e., job rotation, interim staff and job sharing that could be either with an automated tool or with other part-time employees becoming the norm. Given this, it's basic for businesses to have a flexible approach and set-up regarding their IT infrastructure to take care of frequent onboarding and off-boarding requirements. 

Employees are Productive, Reliable and Efficient

Productivity tops the charts of characteristics needed in any successful organisation. A modern workplace consists of a productive workforce. When employees are given the right technology and processes, they can work far more efficiently. This also benefits the employer in terms of better customer experience and overall growth of the company. It is prime that organisations utilise the right tech tools and provide sufficient training and knowledge of the same to employees to help them increase productivity. There is a range of tools available for collaboration, communication, staying in quick touch over chat and calls, sharing files, co-work, and many other required things regularly. Employers must equip the workforce with the right tools to help them work productively. 

Data be the King

The amount of data is increasing at light speed. A modern workplace values the power of technology and the data it collects. Most businesses already have huge volumes of data. However, very few of them make use of it. A modern workplace must put data at the centre of the business and use it to make informed decisions. Another thing that comes along with the data is the need for it to be secured. The primary cause of security breaches is theft or loss of mobile devices. Data breaches can happen easily, either with negligence or simply as a mishappening. To keep data secured, it is prime that devices used have the latest security measures in place, so in case any mobile device is in the wrong hands, it cannot be used. Organisations must choose highly secured hardware and software and ensure that they are well protected around the clock. Using cloud technology and tools for cloud data protection are also essential. 

Training Reinforcement to Increase Learning Retention

Many organisations invest in employee training but don't give them the opportunities to practice what they learn. Training reinforcement is essential to ensure that training given to employees is applied on the job and is helping them with their tasks. If employees don't get the opportunity to apply their learnings, they'll forget most of the things they learned during their training programs. The reinforcement could be done in multiple ways, be it a series of small lessons or learning activities that'd support the core concept of their training or a particular skill they learned. The benefit of training programs for employees truly lies in the practice of it in employee's actions.

Leads to Growth

Ambition is the driving force for the millennial workforce. The modern workforce has ambition and the desire to fulfil their ambitions. They want to develop skills and earn experience to get better at their craft and be prepared to take responsibility when given an opportunity. A modern workplace has measures in place to help its employees fulfil their ambitions and do the needful to make sure they're able to do so with the right resources, training and support. A comprehensive feedback system is a part of a modern workplace, and there is a culture of mistakes being analysed and corrected, and not just criticised. A growth mindset for the organisation and the employees is what we witness at a modern workplace and a constant scope of professional development and effort in the same direction. A company where employees growth is stagnant will surely lose its assets and face unnecessary hurdles and challenges in its journey. 

The Character of the Company

At last, a company's success is not only in the profits and revenues but also in how happy and connected their workforce is. Every organisation needs a unique culture and character. This is built by ensuring that the employees are satisfied with their professional lives and feel connected and happy to be a part of the company. This is the sole reason why many companies invest in employer branding, team building, relax and fun zones in the office, and internal events for their employees. A modern workplace considers its employees' wellbeing and does the needful to ensure that their employees are happy to be a part of the team. Constructive feedback, mutual appreciation, understanding of each others' challenges and responsibilities, consideration, and many more good qualities are a part of modern workplaces and their team. 

What other traits define modern workplace learning and training, in your opinion? Please share with us in the comments section below! 

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