7 Great EdTech Incubators Helping Startups to Succeed

7 Great EdTech Incubators Helping Startups to Succeed

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela

Education is a very useful industry and it’s a fundamental right. Nowadays, the education system is being upgraded with the latest technologies. Edtech

 startups are the initiatives which let educational institutes, students, educators and parents know the advantages of using technology in education and also help them in implementing those technologies.

So many edtech startups are trying to solve needs of various educational stakeholders through different educational technologies. They help education system to adopt the latest technological approaches in order to improve it and make it effective. Realizing the number of edtech startups and complexity of the education sector, to support these edtech startups, incubators are coming to the field of Education Technolology. These highly focused edtech incubators help in growing an edtech startup. In this article, we provide you with the information about some great EdTech incubators across the globe.

Socratic Labs

Socratic Labs is an edtech accelerator embracing lean startup practices. It is a great hub for educators, technologists & innovators. It aims to support education technology startups through curriculum, mentorships, a collection of startup services (such as free legal advice) and networking. It aims to invest in 20 startups over the course of the year, contributing between $20K and $25K in those businesses (in exchange for equity).

Imagine K12:

Imagine K12 is an organization located in Palo Alto, California, supports companies creating tools and products that help schools, educators, parents and students by improve educational outcomes. More than 10 million students and more than 1 million teachers using Imagine K12 products.

Center for Education Technology (CET):

The Center for Educational Technology (CET) is an Israeli, nonprofit organization, dedicated to the improvement of the education system in Israel and around the globe. The main goals of this edtech incubator are: creating equal opportunities to all Israeli children, preserving and reviving intellectual and cultural treasures in the information age and  promoting achievement and academic excellence in the 21st century. Their main areas of activities are: development of state-of-the-art textbooks and digital content, establishment of rich websites using top-of-the-line technologies, paving new ways in professional development for educational staff and creating online environments and tools for assessment & evaluation.

Learning Accelerator:

Learning Accelerator is a US non-profit organization whose work is to accelerate the implementation of high-quality blended learning in school districts across America. They focus mainly on Personalized learning, Mastery-based progression  and Effective use of technology. It provides educators, administrators and others who are interested in blended learning with resources to help understand and successfully implement blended learning programs.


Startl is a new social enterprise which supports the innovation of effective, affordable, and accessible learning products. This organization has received seed funding from the Hewlett, MacArthur, and Gates foundations. Startl network products have on user centered learning and will aggregate, analyze and freely distribute research on user centered learning back into the education market. By bringing together the philanthropic sector with the private sector, Startl creates a critical missing link between innovation and capital.

Learning Technologies:

Learning Technologies is NASA’s educational-technology incubator which provides funding research and development opportunities, innovative tech tools for the classroom and technology services for NASA’s education programs. LT’s main areas of activity are Games for Learning, Virtual Worlds, Higher Education and Electronic Professional Development.

Stanford Learning, Design and Technology:

Stanford university designed the masters program Learning, Design and Technology to confer the knowledge and skills required for developing advanced technology-based products, settings, and social arrangements for learning. LDT provides internships, team assignments and projects, theory with practices that help students and professionalsachieve success in their education and profession.

There are many business incubators supporting the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through various services, but few of them focus on edtech initiatives. There is a need to encourage educational technology startups in order to deliver best learning outcomes.

We’d like to know more information about more edtech incubators like these. If you know some more edtech incubators like these, Please share with us in the comment box. 

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