[Infographic] K-12 Technology Trends and Usage

[Infographic] K-12 Technology Trends and Usage

The 21st Century Educational system has already been upgraded with many technological approaches. Educational institutions have recognized the importance of Educational Technologies which help them enhance students’ learning, improve professional 

development and automate administrative tasks. Education Week has published this infographic which covers trends and developments in the use of technology among students, teachers, and administrators in the K-12 sector.

Recent Trends & Developments in Technology covered in the infographic:

Student Mobile trends: (Piper Jaffray 23rd Semi-annual “Talking Stock with Teens”)

34% of teenagers own a tablet computer & 86% of teenagers are likely to purchase a smart phone for their next device.

School District Tech Trends: (The Center for Digital Education’s 2011-2012 Digital School District Survey)

76% Schools have a classroom technology standard & 12% are in the process of implementing.

67% Schools have data dashboards in place & 18% are in the process of implementing.

65% Schools have a digital content strategy & 18% are in the process of implementing.

Check out the infographic to know more about the IT spending, technology and digital tools usage, and trends in the K-12 sector.

K-12 Technology Usage
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