List Of Storytelling Apps And Tools For Students

List Of Storytelling Apps And Tools For Students

The art of storytelling beholds immense power that can enhance the learning experience for students. Students of all ages enjoy storytelling in one way or the other.

Digitised storytelling is best presented with visuals that add to students' knowledge and help them have better expression. 

The literacy practice of Digital storytelling can enhance kids' literacy skills as it allows students to express and communicate their thoughts in a multimodal way through images, sounds, videos and text. The process of creating these storyboards also helps in developing creative and critical thinking skills.

Here's a list of apps and tools to help educators and students find the best means to create storyboards. 

Imagistory - Creative Storytelling App for Kids 

Imagistory is an ideal app for kids . the tool offers a fresh reading experience and has a user-friendly interface. Kids can record their voices as they narrate a story in+ the pre-made picture books. The limit is the imagination. With pre-made picture books, students can create a story around the visuals. The tool is ideal for fostering creative thinking skills in young kids. 

Sock Puppets 

Sock Puppets offers ease in creating lip-synced videos. Students can create interesting story videos and use in-built features like puppets, props, scenery, and backgrounds and be as creative as they want. As you start recording, the puppets automatically lip-sync to your voice. Also, the tool offers the feature to collaborate with peers making it a fit for classroom use. Students can work together, use multiple puppets and create engaging conversation like stories. 

Book Creator

For iOS users, this might be the end of the search. The tool is compatible with ios devices and caters to all the storytelling needs. Students of all ages can work around with the tool and create informative non-fiction stories or creative fictitious stories. Compiling information is easy, and an easy user interface makes it a fit. Kids in primary schools might need assistance in using the tool. However, older students will find the tool great for producing and publishing their simple books or comics with images, videos, and audio.

Story Creator - Easy Story Book Maker

Story Creator allows you to easily create beautiful storybooks with photos, videos, text, and audio all in one gorgeous collection. The tool brings your best stories to life through multimedia and allows you to share your most memorable moments easily.

Little Story Maker

The tool allows students to create visual storybooks with images, text and audio. The app features ready to use templates that students can use to embed their stories. You can customise the stories by adding your photos and voice. There's no limit to creating free stories on the app. 

Toontastic 3D

Google's Toonastic 3D is a great storytelling tool. It offers kids familiarity with the various characters they create. Kids can animate the characters of their story and make them just the way they want. The tool allows kids' to bring their stories to life. Kids can create exciting stories by making videos.

Explain Everything

This tool is a digital whiteboard where students can create engaging and interactive videos. It can be used for storytelling as students can record their voice and screen display and export the video link to share and post anywhere. The benefit of using this whiteboard is that users can completely customise the video and add engagement and interaction elements to their videos/stories.

Cloud Stop Motion

cloud stop motion is a standard tool to make movies. The tool features a stop motion animation creator, audio on unlimited tracks, titles, credits and speech bubbles. Despite having limited creative elements, the tool is great to create stories, especially for middle school students. It limits the scope of multimedia and ensures that students use their creativity to express their ideas.


Elementari features a drag and drop method making it easy for students to add text, images, shapes, etc. Other available features include a variety of fonts, animations, image editing with filters, customisable widgets, and interactive sequences. The tool has many features, and every student will find something that interests them.

Book Creator

Book Creator offers exceptional features that students can use to make amazing storyboards. Users can select over 50 unique fonts, integrate images, take photos, embed music or voice files, annotate, insert emojis, draw, and add other icons. The tool features some ready to use templates that students can select from and customise as desired.

My Story School eBook Maker

My Story allows students to design, create and share ebooks and movies. Students can add varied multimedia like drawings, photos, stickers, voice recordings, and more to their creations. All created files can be exported as mp4 files or shared directly to YouTube.

Imagine Forest Story Creator

The tool requires students to write down the stories in chunks to create a story. Students can easily create their own stories online using the Imagine Forest Story Creator.

ChatterPix Kids

ChatterPix Kids is ideal for elementary school students. The tools bring characters to life. Students can create compelling and interactive stories and use the tool for creating talking pictures. the feature makes it a fit for elementary students.


Flipgrid offers a whiteboard-style instructional video creation feature that students can create stories. It is especially beneficial to create an instructional video or story with different parts. Users can do so by drawing instructions on the whiteboard and customising the background, stickers, voice and face.

Storyboard That

Storyboard That is another popular tool to create storyboards. Teachers and students widely use the tool to create interactive stories. Users can create two storyboards per week for free and upgrade to their premium version to make more.


The tool acts as a digital canvas where students can paint a story as they desire. The good part about it is that it comes with a performance dashboard where teachers can track and monitor students' progress, assign tasks, share ideas and more.


A PicLit is a combination of a photograph and words placed in it. This combination creates meaning for one another. Users can do this with a drag-n-drop feature. It is easy and quick to develop sentences, definitions, poems, stories, questions, quizzes and more.

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