How Tech Savvy Teachers Create and Maintain Ideal Classroom Websites

How Tech Savvy Teachers Create and Maintain Ideal Classroom Websites
Are you an educator who wishes to make a classroom that has no boundaries? Do you consider Twitter as one of the best collaborating and learning platform? Do you ever wish to use all possible educational technologies in your classroom?

Do you think Social Blogging

helps you share your knowledge with students, colleagues and other teachers effectively? Have you ever thought of making your ideal classroom website? If “yes” is your answer to all the questions, you must be a tech savvy teacher whom every 21st century student wishes to and needs to have in his classroom. Technology helps you connect with students, parents and others anywhere, anytime through your Blog. We provide you with the information on how some tech savvy teachers are facilitating students through their blogs and websites. Exploring these sites may help you gather ideas to serve your students through your ideal classroom website.

Leaping Into 5th Grade:

Jessica Cobb created LeapingInto5thGrade to facilitate students and their parents in a great way. On the right side of the website, she has displayed a Twitter handle and a Facebook Group link for students and parents to join and get updates about the classroom. On the left side, there are four main categories namely Students, General Information, Parents and Teachers.

Students category is divided into some sub-categories. Let’s learn about them quickly.

Accelerated Reader: A program designed to test students after they’ve read a book. It provides information regarding quizzes and best student readers.

Home work policy: It’s the list of rules and regulations relevant to home work.

Spelling and Vocabulary lists: PDF files that include words to practice daily.

In the Parent category, there is a parent portal which helps parents access their child’s school information through PowerSchool account. It provides general information, class calendar, class pictures, etc. 

This is how Jessica Cobb has been using many tech tools that support her practice.

Mr. Demsey's Classroom Website:

Tosh Demsey,  a Math teacher who has an experience over 12 years, created to help students find many online and downloadable resources that assist them in their quest for success in Math. He has also provided resources that explain how important Math is in real-life. Students and Parents can check grades by logging into their accounts. Demsey also uses this site to post notes, videos and homework assignments. Visit and see how effectively he has been helping his students through his site.

Room 242F Online- Mr. Henry’s English Classes:

Mr. Christopher Henry, an English teacher, has created a website Room 242F Online through which he integrates Dropbox features into his teaching to make the curriculum more accessible to his students. He posts Course materials, handouts and assorted readings regularly. Check how effectively he is using his site.

The Online Home of Room 209- Mr. Moss’s Class Website:

Jon Moss, an expert teacher in educational technologies, has been facilitating his 4th grade classroom students through his blog named  The Online Home of Room 209. This blog includes schedules, calendars, student resources and activities. He posts homework assignments, classroom events and also conducts surveys and online tests by providing students with respective links through his blog. See how effectively he is engaging his students through his blog.

Mrs. G's Current Events Web Site:

Flint Hill School has created a website to help its 6th grade History students. It enables students to log in to their accounts and access this website. Teachers post most recent current events on the web page to help students learn. This website includes History channel (which provides students with information on the special events that have occurred on the current date in any year in history), BBC top stories, CNN top stories and CNN News (Politics, Business and World).  

These are the few websites maintained by teachers effectively to facilitate students online. We hope this information helps you gather relevant ideas to make your ideal classroom website. We’d like to know how effectively you use your social blog for your students. Please share with us in the comment box.

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