[Infographic] Steps Into 21st Century Classroom

[Infographic] Steps Into 21st Century Classroom
In olden days, students used to confine to their seats for the whole day listening to long lectures, carry heavy textbooks and felt difficulty in understanding complicated concepts. Teachers also used to depend only on chalk boards and textbooks, hardly
got time to concentrate on students individually, felt difficulty in providing students with a real-life learning environment.

But nowadays, technology overcomes all the above drawbacks and is becoming a boon for students, parents, educators and administrators. Old traditional classroom methods are now being upgraded with many educational technologies that enhance student learning.  21st century classroom has given a new dimension to education by engaging students with many technological approaches.

Mobile learning , eLearning, Game based learning, Project based learning, Inquiry based learning, Blended learning, and various practices like these are introduced into the 21st century classroom to help students learn with ease. 21st century technology enables students to adopt their unique learning style . Introduction of MOOCs, Open educational Resources, Augmented reality apps, and Social Networks into education benefits students not only in academics but also in their future professions.

This infographic describes the data and statistics of all the educational technologies that are introduced into the 21st century classroom.  Let’s have a detailed look at it.

Real world specimen:

Success involves critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Traditional classroom methods can’t provide all these things but project-based learning is a great way to provide students with a real world learning environment.

Online Education:

According to the recent surveys on online education, the results are as follows:

Nearly one-third of all college students enroll for at least one online course program.

21% steep growth in enrollment in online courses whereas only 2% growth in total student population in higher education.

Over 65% educational institutions consider online learning as decisive for enduring educational success.

Game based learning:

43% of teachers have incorporated online games in their classroom.

Studies show that games elevate average test scores by 91.5%.

Exploring Analytics:

Enrollment for the learning analytics and conference saw two times increment between 2011 and 2012.

Open Source Textbooks:

86% students & 81% teachers consider tablets make learning effective.

59% students find mobile devices very useful to augment their learning.

Social Networks in Education:

80% college professors use social media as a mode of education whereas 29% of teachers use it for coursework.

The reasons for implementing Educational Technologies:

The % of people and the reasons they’ve mentioned are as follows:

76% : imbibe various learning methods (auditory, visual and Kinesthetic). 

77% : encourage student motivation.

76%: enrich the resource material being taught in the classroom.

The pictorial representation of the infographic is as follows.



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