Math Distance Learning Videos Every Educator Must Watch

Math Distance Learning Videos Every Educator Must Watch

You can always up your teaching game with more knowledge and resources at your hand.

Here's a list of videos you must watch to enhance math distance learning.

The videos cover teaching math on zoom and making it engaging, edtech tools and games for math teaching, virtual math manipulatives, online whiteboards, and more that will help you make that next online math class super fun.


Tips For Teaching Math On Zoom

This is a must-watch for you if you're teaching math via Zoom. This short video gives you access to Huzefa's five tips to teach mathematics online effectively, efficiently, and brilliantly. Huzefa is the founder of Scaler Learning, a YouTube channel dedicated to giving you all the tools and resources necessary to optimize and enhance the learning process. He shares all education-related topics ranging from test preparation, online learning tools, real-world applications of math, and student perspectives. A great resource that can help you with your teaching game.


Edtech Tools Digital Whiteboard And Equation Editor For Online Math Teaching

The video focuses on Edtech tools from one of the world's renowned educational technology company Promethean. It will take you through ActivInspire, a software that can enhance your math teaching in a virtual environment. It has a whiteboard, a Math equation editor, and a set of math tools such as a ruler, a protractor, a compass, a roller dice, etc. These math tools are handy for teaching mathematics online. You must watch this video to understand all that this one tool can do and how you can use it in your virtual classes.


Classroom Math Games For Indoor, Outdoor, And Distance Learning Grade School Or High School

A great list of activities fit for remote learning or online class, you might be familiar with a few of the mentioned ones. a good video to revise the techniques and get started.


Teaching Math While Distance Learning (K-2) - Math Tips For Distance Learning

Teaching math remotely to the youngest students is a tricky task. This video focuses on teaching math virtually to the kids in k-2. The video covers three distance learning tips for teaching math to your kindergarten, first, and second-grade students.

How I'm Using Virtual Math Manipulatives During Remote Learning

This video is for teachers struggling to include manipulatives in their online math lessons. The video highlights three ways to incorporate virtual manipulatives into daily math teaching and intervention during remote learning.

Get Students To Show Math Work Virtually - 5 Ideas For Teachers

This one is for teachers who find it challenging to teach maths virtually. Learn five ways on how students can show their math work digitally. You'll also learn some quick and easy tips to help you and your students be successful.

Five Components of a Virtual Math Lesson

This video will give math teachers more guidance in creating online math lessons. The host discusses five key components of virtual math lessons that’ll change your view on online math education.

Best Free Online Whiteboard For Math Teaching With Zoom [Edtech Tools]

This video will show you how to use the online whiteboard available within the Zoom application. Zoom is a popular tool, and ever since educators started with online teaching, Zoom has been a go-to tool. The video focuses on using Zoom for virtual math education and other tools which are the best for teaching mathematics classes.

Five Fun Math Zoom Games For Kids During Remote Learning

Learn about 5 fun and educational math zoom games for kids. The video covers The Mystery Number, Beat the Buzzer, Math Versus, and Jeopardy.

Interactive Math Tools For Teachers To Make Students Love Math!

Making math class interactive is a must to engage students and teach them effectively. Watch this video and learn how math apps can change how you teach math. You will also get new interactive math lesson ideas and lesson examples.

Do share how you make math learning fun, interactive and engaging in a virtual environment.

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