Technologies Integration Trends in Academia

Technologies Integration Trends in Academia

Technological advancements have reformed the very core of lifestyle thereby making it much better and convenient. Businesses around the world tend to leverage the technology to increase customer engagement, bolster brand value and reinforce branding.

In the last few decades, technology has demonstrated a great improvement in the educational sector as well. More and more academic institutes all over the word are implementing it in the classrooms and in their educational modules to reinforce students’ skills and aptitude.

Apart from bestowing huge benefits upon students of different levels, technology has proved to be of great value for teachers as well.

Teachers find technological tools as a productive means to foster an effective teaching and learning environment. Teachers are now using these gadgets or tools to engage more and more students thereby executing a highly-efficient and active learning in and outside the classrooms. Let’s take a look at the following benefits that signify why teachers are taking pleasure in incorporating technology in the classrooms.

Why Teachers Are Using Technology (Benefits)

Maximum Engagement
Technology fosters students’ engagement in learning in and outside the classroom. Through some valuable tools and applications , students find it easy to interact with their teachers whenever they stumble upon some hectic problem or simply share some opinions on a project.

Learning beyond Classrooms
The best feat of current technological development is that it extends communication among educators and students outside the realm of classrooms. Teachers can share their lessons online so that students can access and work on them at their pace. In fact they can even collaborate on projects that require more minds and expertise.

Enhanced Teaching Efficiency
Technology empowers teachers to improve their teaching as well as class management skills in a more productive manner. Teachers can dig into some resourceful websites and download some valuable materials or e-books to make their lessons more engaging.

Develop Interpersonal Skills
Not only that technology offers a great wealth of resources to students but it also helps them strengthen their interpersonal skills. They get to interact with their class fellows or teachers outside their college or join a conference and meet individuals having diverse expertise.

How Teachers are Using Technology (Methods)

Sharing Materials Online
Teachers are now leveraging on cloud-based applications like Dropbox to make the projects or other reference materials easily retrievable on-the-go. With such applications students can easily collaborate on an assignment and complete it at their own pace. These tools make it easier for students to access the data more conveniently than ever. This practice doesn’t only save time but also increases both teaching and learning efficiency.

Using Open-Source Technology
Teachers are also making the most of Web 2.0 , i.e., open-source platforms to create a class blog. This practice encourages students to share latest news, important journals or simply share their thoughts on a topic they like. By creating a category where students can share their creative work, teachers empower students to polish their creative essay writing skills.

Hosting “Hangouts” with Guest Lecturers
A great number of teachers are using Google+ “Hangout” features these days to open an online discussion channel for their students with prominent lecturers around the world. This practice allows the students to boost their knowledge and expertise on any topic, directly from an authority figure in their area of interest.

Micro-Texting via Twitter
Twitter doesn’t need any sort of introduction as it is already quite popular, especially among the youth. However, teachers are also using this great micro-blogging platform to their advantage by starting relevant classroom discussion or re-tweeting educational material, garnered from valuable sources. Moreover, with the use of “Hashtags” students can easily tap into dozens of feeds on their desired topic.

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