Experiential Learning: The New Approach Towards Student Growth At Ryan International School

Experiential Learning: The New Approach Towards Student Growth At Ryan International School

The best way to ensure student growth is knowledge retention and experiential learning defines a methodology that functions on the approach of learning through experience.

A child could forget a concept he/she was taught in the classroom a week ago, but if that same concept was applied by the student in real life, it becomes nearly impossible to forget. Challenging the traditional learning methodology in schools, experiential learning via interactive industry sessions or site visits helps a student develop the habit of hands-on experience, keen observation, and comprehensive analysis.

These qualities enable students in improving their grasping power and widen their perspective as they get a sneak- peek into the real world application of concepts that are taught within the four walls of the classroom. Following a similar ideology, academicians at Ryan International School have applied experiential learning through different teaching techniques, lessons, and practices — impacting and encouraging parents to look for experiential learning initiatives while selecting the school for their child’s admission.

Step out of the comfort zone

Conventional pedagogy methods have been known to confine the students within the classroom cubicle. On the other hand, experiential learning pushes the students out of their comfort zone, makes them explore the application-based environment and learn under the guidance of professionals.

Behavior and lifestyle change

Experiential learning often makes the students analyze their decisions and other possibilities associated with the process. This could be instrumental in inspiring a behavioral change in the students as they reflect back upon the learning and mistakes experienced in the environment.

From theory to application

The experiential methodology helps the students visualize the real-life functioning beyond the classroom concepts. The idea is to enhance their concept of understanding while simultaneously increasing the retention span. This enables students to develop an innate application-driven approach in other spheres of life as well.

Increased participation

The experiential approach blends theoretical classroom learning with active student interaction. While working with mentors and industry professionals on projects, students develop personality traits such as ownership and leadership along with improved decision making and analytical ability. This plays a pivotal role in the personality development of the child.

Initiatives by Ryan International School

Ensuring the best learning experience for the students, Ryan International School implements experiential learning across all the branches. Here are two of the key initiatives by the school that drive the spirit of this new way of education: -

Educational Exchange Programs

Every year, 100’s students from Ryan International School across the country visit the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), United States. To understand scientific and technological advances in the aeronautics industry, and participate in several workshops and experiments by industry experts and renowned astronauts Furthermore, the experience of cross-disciplinary learning environments enables the students to realize the benefits of experiential learning. Ryan School has associated with several universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland to name a few with an aim to help students reinforce the concepts learned in classrooms.

Atal Tinkering Labs

Fostering creativity and innovation in students, Niti Aayog’s initiative — Atal Tinkering Labs offers technical resources to the students so as to develop projects that can be used for societal improvement. The objective is to enhance their design, computing, and technical abilities while simultaneously inculcating a sense of empathy.

Selected Ryan International Schools across the country have been shortlisted to set up ATLs, where students engage in creating STEM-focused experiments and prototypes.

Ryan International School, Greater Noida’ Atal Tinkering Lab is featured in the ‘Limca Book of Records’ for participating in an e-waste awareness and collection drive, by collecting 245kg of e-waste, along with 15 other schools collecting a total of 3,107kg of e-waste. The event was organized by Grey Sim Ltd in collaboration with 15 other Atal Tinkering Labs.

That said, starting out with experienced-based learning at an early age is crucial in shaping the perspective of a student towards education and learning 21st-century skills. In this way, they are not just textbook geeks, but smart individuals who are prepared to face the challenges of the real world.

About the Author
Author: Sahaj Desai
The author is a spokesperson at Ryan International Group of Institutions, and a firm believer in sound education being the only purveyor of a better future for schoolkids. The author also supports the amalgamation of education and technology and believes that the latter can take learning to a whole new level.

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