Rural Chinese Education Examined in Documentary

Rural Chinese Education Examined in Documentary

I recently had the opportunity to speak with an amazing young woman from China who is currently studying in the United States. Mingwei Li decided to document a fantastic journey she took to a rural mountain region of China to tell the real story about education practices in a remote region of the world.

Mingwei discusses the impact the harsh environment plays on day-to-day education and the lengths students take to even attend these rural schools. I was surprised to learn about the role volunteers play in the education system and how young people's dreams are very different from those of U.S. students.Mingwei is a graduate student at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College in the Leadership and Organizational Performance degree program. She interned recently with RANDA Solutions, an edTech company in Nashville that specializes in education data, where she provided data analysis for an Online and Blended Learning project.

Mingwei graduated from Tianjin Normal University in China in 2012, and majored in English Education. She has four years teaching experience in China, and has received the National Certification for English Education. Mingwei has also been an Assistant Principal in a Middle School in China. Mingwei shared with me her hope that she can be an education reformer in China one day. We wish her well in all of her endeavors and thank her for a thoughtful look at rural Chinese education.



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