"EdTalk: The Future of IT in Higher Education" Featuring Dennis Thibeault, CIO of Curry College

EdTalk with Dennis Thibeault, CIO, Curry College. Dennis has been a thought leader in the higher education industry for the past 20 years.

His EdTalk focuses on how students are ultimately leading these technology changes; he provides recommendations for how current CIOs can lay the groundwork now to be prepared for what lies ahead.

This is a video from Campus Consortium’s 2020 series. The speaker brings forward the idea of what education will look like by 2020 which by the way is not that far away and what education will represent in the coming times.

As a teaser, here are some key points he shared in the video! 

  • He believes that the physical institutes will be better supplemented by virtual learning and the utilization of these physical spaces would be a lot different than what they are being used now.
  • How the major impact would be reflected in how the students are going to learn and how the faculty will be teaching.
  • How online courses and hybrid learning have already altered the perception of education with the basic use of IT.
  • How a lot of face to face in-class benefits will be moved online.
  • Why growth in social media will continue to evolve and make an impact in education sector.
  • How digital portfolios are going to change the parameters for students applying for internships and later when they look for a job.
  • Why we would be witnessing a combination of online, hybrid and flipping the classroom technique which will not demand for a lot of in classroom sitting time therefore making it easy for students to learn more and better at their own pace and comforts.

You can watch the full talk to know more:

He ends his talk by speaking about the importance of a CIO in an institution. He quotes, “You don’t become a CIO by going to a school or getting into business administration or PhD in IT, you learn by experience and a lot of hands on learning, software development, security and by understanding all the different traits under the same environment. Today a lot of people are getting into the industry but they focus on just a specific area; which is needed too but as a result we lack people with an overall and general understanding of different aspects of computers especially professionals who also possess the traits of being business savvy."

Share your views on how you found his talk, and if you have any questions for him tweet them to @CampusEAI with #EdTalks. If you're interested in presenting in an upcoming EdTalk, please send an email to initiatives@campusconsortium.org

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