MyClassCampus has a 3D view on Solving the Challenges in School Management

Education is the “IN” industry for entrepreneurs to solve various problems either to fix the traditional system, support it via ancillary services or come up with innovative products and business models.

All products and entrepreneurs have one thing in common in spite of varied products and services, which is the motive to take the Indian education industry to another level.

Most of the edtech startups keep learner in mind and have clear focus on learning but then there are edtech startups like MyClassCampus who tap the market differently by understanding the pain of managing schools and its varied processes.

MyClassCampus is an online cloud based School Management System with abilities to manage multiple institutes in a user friendly and affordable way. The Ahmedabad based startup streamlines school functions in a single go, anytime anywhere. The cloud-based software MyClassCampus is easily accessible 24×7 from anywhere on any device like PCs, Mobiles, Tablets, iPads.

In 2015, founding team of MyClassCampus – Raj Kothari, Rutvij Vora and Rachit Dave approached 100s of schools for career guidance seminars. “While visiting schools and colleges, we found that almost every student had a smartphone with internet connection and same held true for majority of their parents; but still they were dependent on notice boards/classroom instructions or parents-teacher meetings to receive important updates. Many schools then used SMS service to inform parents even though all the users were already using WhatsApp, Facebook etc. to socialize and improve communication efficiency in their personal life. Almost everyone was using mobile apps for ticket booking, shopping, entertainment etc., where we felt that there is a huge need of having an All in One Smart ERP with mobile first approach. That’s when we decided to build MyClassCampus”, the founders said.


“We are a team of 50 young professionals working full time on making this product better with each passing day. We build a lot of new advance features and improve our existing features based on customer feedback and experience. Every month we come up with new updates which makes life of our users easy. Our domain knowledge of educational ERP and our vision to make educational institutes 100% paperless is what gives us the strength to ensure the best experience our clients could ever get in this segment”, the founders replied when EdTechReview team inquired on the edge over competitors in the market.

In discussions with the company, here's what we found out about key reasons for its successful journey so far:

  • It has a simple 10 min registration process.
  • It has major modules in one software & app keeping security in mind. The system automates school operations and keeps the data secure without any leaks.
  • It is as simple as using world’s most popular tool like Whatsapp. The system requires no technical knowledge. It is designed in a way that schools people naturally work, which means less time training.
  • The analysis team has invested lots of hours talking with institute management and parents as well to know their mindsets/needs.
  • It has multi branch support in single login.
  • It has advance finance and HR management with multiple trusts or institute accounts management
  • It enables dynamic result card generator which can support almost all boards and formats available in India.
  • It also provides online payment gateway for fee collection, GPS bus tracking and wireless attendance management, the key features that schools love as per their team.

All this tells us that it is an easy and integrated system equally useful for admin, teachers and parents. The ERP covers the entire life cycle of student management divided into three parts - communication management, academics management and operations management.

So no more weak teams, weak support or poor system infrastructure! The team claims to have one of the best trained team having done setup with quality and pace (even within 2 days) in many leading schools and colleges across India and many countries; and is open to accept institution’s challenge to do so.

As per MyClassCampus team, their product currently is being actively used in and trusted by 1500+ schools from 100+ cities in 11 countries.

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