Top Teachers Share New Tips for Well-Being, Global Competencies and Going Paperless

Top Teachers Share New Tips for Well-Being, Global Competencies and Going Paperless

The Top Global Teachers are pioneers and innovators in fields such as technology integration, school design, arts in education, special needs education, science instruction, global competencies, project based learning, and gender equity.

They have founded schools, published books, created learning models, and led classrooms in countries all over the world.

This month, our Top Global Teachers share videos based on diverse themes, including digital teaching strategies, how to go paperless, Goal #3 — good health and well-being, and lesson plans for borderless learning.

A borderless classroom can change the confines of how each subject is taught. The problem Michael Goodwin most wants to solve in education is fragmentation. How do educators create an environment that’s focused on coherence versus fragmentation? Discover some of the learning strategies used in Goodwin’s community. Watch Video.

Matt Miller’s video, “10 Ideas for Going Paperless,” shares tried and tested strategies for applying advancing technologies in classrooms. How can teachers ensure that new digital tools continue to enhance everyone’s learning experience. Watch Video.

This month, Chris Williams is focused on Sustainable Development Goal #3 — Good Health and Well-being. In “Building a Well-being App,” Williams discusses an innovative well-being app students in a school in Yorkshire, UK developed and built to address the growing problem of mental health in schools. Watch Video.

Learning is borderless, and how does Finnish educator Marjo Rantanen implement this important theme in her school? Marjo shares creative lesson plans for diverse environments including the playground, the forest, and even the snow! Watch Video.

How can educators increase opportunities for students to connect with peers and professionals from different cultures and backgrounds? Jennifer D. Klein’s video this month is focused on strategies to nurture global citizenship by increasing global networking and multi-cultural understanding. Watch Video.

Global learning at a young age increases students’ cultural knowledge and understanding. Elisa Guerra’s school in Mexico embeds global competencies in curriculum for students starting at age three!Discover her school’s strategies for creating “open minds and wide hearts.” Watch Video.

Are you ready to add a city as lab experience to your school’s curricula? Check out Nicholas Martino’s video entitled “City as Lab: Course Entry Event” for ideas on how to explore communities, spark students’ interests, and increase community networking for youth. Watch Video.

The Top Global Teachers, published by CMRubinWorld’s The Global Search for Education, is a global learning platform. It showcases the world’s leading educators, enabling them to share their unique takes on today’s most important topics related to global learning. The platform was created to propagate the voices of the most indispensable people of our learning institutions – teachers.

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