South Sudan World's Youngest Country Developing New Education System (Part 3)

South Sudan Worlds Youngest Country Developing New Education System Part 3Isacco Consonni Chief of Education & Protection in South Sudan for the UNHCR  (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ) takes time out of

his schedule to chat with us on the Core . It goes without saying that we are privileged to share Isacco’s story and upcoming journey. Isacco  will be sharing  how one approaches the development of a brand new education system in South Sudan  which is the youngest country in the world (separated from Sudan in 2011). This is the 3rd Part of this interview and you may also check Part 1 and Part 2 if you've missed. 

In this third installment Isacco begins to lay the foundation for this new education system. He specifically lays out the school day, how it is organized and how parents and students are coming together to reach new heights. I was amazed to hear about the 7-day school week as we are accustomed to 5-day school weeks. Isacco shares how this approach builds enthusiasm and connection to education. He also takes us inside governmental meetings and shares what’s different in South Sudan from other countries Consonni has worked in.


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