Allovue’s Jess Gartner on K-12 Finances

allovues jess gartner on K-12 finances

We welcome Allovue founder Jess Gartner to talk about spending in education and the future of data-driven-decisions related to fiscally responsible districts around the country. Jess provides a very realistic look into the management of schools and the impact national stories centered on the mismanagement of funds have had on public trust.


Jess studied Education, Political Science, and Theatre Arts at the University of Pennsylvania and has taught in classrooms around the world, including Thailand, South Africa, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. As a 2009 Teach for America Corps Member, she taught middle school Social Studies in Baltimore City for three years. Jess promoted arts and technology integration and received her master’s degree in Teaching from Johns Hopkins University. She completed an education policy thesis on education reform under the tutelage of education reformer, scholar, and author Ted Hershberg.

I think you’ll enjoy hearing about Jess’s early dreams as a young girl and how she hoped to take Broadway and Washington D.C. by storm.



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