EdTech Weekly Digest - 4 (February 2014)

EdTech Weekly Digest - 4 (February 2014)

I will give a quick walk through of the topics that were covered over the last one week that might catch your interest, by briefly touching few of those articles and discussing a few of them in detail. I find myself researching and learning so many 

new things when I visit EdTechReview for the weekly digest. This week I will be touching the following topics in this digest with some great infographics covered this week. 

What New Role Does 21st Century Learning Create For Parents? - Part 1

Parents have a major role to play in their child’s education and a child’s success in school depends largely on how much his parents are involved with his learning and how they contribute in it. Parent involvement can be interpreted in many different ways. Traditionally, it meant to attend every meeting, conference, function, etc., parents were invited to at school. Parent involvement in the 21st century means a great deal more than that. Parents today need to understand that they have a much more participative role in their children’s education.

You can check other parts of this series here.

My Students Are There to Help Me With EdTech

As a Science teacher, I’m always looking for interesting ways to keep my students engaged and excited in class. I’m now in my sixth year as a Biology and Chemistry teacher, but this year is the first year I have blended my classroom and I’m the first in my school to do so. Though I was off to a rocky start, after a couple months my students and I had gotten comfortable and are now thoroughly enjoying the model. Not only have students become more engaged in my class, but I also find myself enjoying teaching more. Lesson planning is more fun too, I get a chance to try out the latest ed-tech products.

You can also share your EdTech practice's and teaching with our community here.

50 Education Startups That Got Funded in 2013

There has been rising support for education startups these days and many funding companies are willing to raise funds for these organizations. Startups in the field of education are found to be promising and investing in them is considered safe and doesn’t involve a lot of risks. There are several education startups that have received funding recently, here’s a list of 50 education startups that got funded

Dear, Do you know any startup who is funded and not included in this. If not, then please tell us. We'll come up something interesting !!!.

[Infographic] Various Education Initiatives by Google

“Education lies at the very core of our company’s mission, to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” — Page and Brin The founding fathers: Their education Page grew up in East Lansing: parents were both computer experts • Graduate of East Lansing (Michigan) High School • Undergraduate at U. of Michigan

Couple of interesting Event's are coming up:-

2014 School Leadership Summit

The 2014 School Leadership Summit is Thursday, March 27th, online and free. This is the second year of this global, virtual event to help school leaders gather and share thinking and best practices.

Education for Generation Distracted: Micro-Learning

The common worry among teachers and parents is that we’re raising a generation of kids in front of screens whose brains are going to be wired differently. We believe that it's already a reality and we need to address this challenge and adapt to this generation’s unique way of learning.

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