EdTech Weekly Digest - 1 (April 2014)

EdTech Weekly Digest - 1 (April 2014)

Welcome back to the weekly digest, Lots of events to talk about. Some great events, stories are covered here in edtechreview.in. So will discuss about them and also we'll discuss some of the new offerings that we have here. Lets Go..

Pearson Catalyst for Education 2014: Have You Applied?

Pearson is accepting application for their 2014 Pearson Catalyst for Education. Pearson Catalyst for Education is an open accelerator program that matches top talent within Pearson, and their companies, with up to 10 start-ups to deliver 3-month pilot programs that address specific business opportunities and challenges. Pearson Catalyst for Education identifies the most promising education startup companies that share Pearson’s commitment to improving people’s lives through learning.

Studytonight: Easy Lessons and Free Online Courses Organized for Students.

Internet has added a new dimension to learning. As compared to classroom based teaching, it offers a more liberal and customized system and globalizes education. People can opt for courses of their own choice and pursue them at their own convenience. Studytonight is a vision to provide easy education to everyone on the Internet and bring the entire study routine of students on the Internet.

How Curriculum for 21st Century Must Look Like?

The students today are experiencing a world which changes more quickly than ever before. They live a faster and more connected life which not only provides them with numerous opportunities to learn but also expects a better performance from them compared to conventional educational methodologies. What most of the educators believe is that the educational reforms must be done from the earliest stage like curriculum design.

Education Market Trends for Edupreneurs to Know - Part 3

This is the final part of the three article series discussing about the education market trends that edupreneurs should be aware of.
The first part discussed about trends such as social media, online learning, MOOCS, GBL and homeschooling.
The second part focused on flipped learning, mobile technology, cloud-based technology, tablets and android. This part will discuss about other such growing trends in the education market.
More trends in the education market that edupreneurs must know:

Big Data/Analytics:
Adaptive Learning: 
Interactive Self-Assessment: 
Cross-Platform Integration and Vendor Collaboration:
Security and Privacy:

How to use Udemy to Flip Your Classroom

Enhance learning and boost student achievement in your classroom by using free applications and services. With teacher-created videos and interactive lessons, instruction that used to occur in class is now accessible at home, prior to class. Class becomes the place to work through problems, advance concepts, and engage in collaborative learning.

Last Week we have covered many interviews from SXSWEDU conference. So here are the insightful interviews for you. Enjoy and please drop your feedback in the comment box. 

Interview with ISTE's Chief Innovation Officer - Wendy Drexler

Interview with Knewton’s Business Development Director- Sara Ittelson

Interview with Richard Culatta, Director Office of Educational Technology, US DOE

Interview with Young Scientist - Jack Andraka

Interview with Lord James Knight [Former Minister of Education in England]

Interview with Ron Reed, SXSW Edu Executive Producer

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