EdTech Weekly Digest - 3 (April 2014)

EdTech Weekly Digest - 3 (April 2014)

Welcome back to the weekly digest, We have of Lots of different stories here that i think you should check out all and drop your feedbacks in our comment boxs.

How Can Principals Encourage and Support Teachers?

Do you know around 50 percent educators or teachers leave their profession in just five years of their career? Have you ever thought what is the reason behind this? I feel teaching is a very noble profession and in fact people really want to be a part of it, but why is there a decline in the number of professionals.

[Infographic] How Personality Differences Affect Learning.

The US is falling behind.
● Literacy Rates:
○ 2009: 1 in 3 students scored “below basic” on the NAEP Reading Test (National Assessment of Education Progress
■ 49% of the students who scored “below basic” were from low-income families
■ more than 67% of all US fourth graders scored “below proficient”
● they were not reading at grade level
○ 26% of eighth graders and 27% of twelfth graders scored below “basic” level
○ 32% eighth graders and 38% twelfth graders were at or above grade level

8 EdTech Blogs That Education Startups and Entrepreneurs Must Know

There are several different educational blogs out there, from those that provide regular EdTech updates to personal blogs of teachers, to blogs that teach about pedagogy, there are a lot of sources to get information on educational technology from. As we know, there are an increasing number of EdTech startups which are coming up, leading to the emergence of so many EdTech entrepreneurs who need guidance in their work. They can progress in their work only if they’re aware of the experiences of other entrepreneurs of their like.

Parent's View: How Technology Can Improve Learning

Learning doesn’t start and end with the school hours. It’s an ongoing process in students’ life. Similar to educators, parents also a play a crucial role in improving student learning. Technology nowadays makes it easy for parents to help their child learn effectively. Here are a few views of parents who find technology as a great tool to improve student learning.

Steps for Better Collaboration with Your Peers on Projects

“When you think about Project-Based learning, you think about learning that results in demonstrations of performers and real tasks that have bought challenges to students to solve”, said Linda Darling-Hammond, Professor, Stanford University School of Education. Project based learning results in greater enhancement of student learning. As we know collaboration is a heart to PBL, it’s the first component which needs utmost attention. Collaboration is the act of joining together to complete a task effectively. Tasks can be accomplished effectively and easily when a group of people work together instead individuals doing it alone.

Interview with ISTE's Chief Innovation Officer - Wendy Drexler

Rural Chinese Education Examined in Documentary

Interview with Datawind CEO Suneet Tuli, Man behind Aakash Tablet - Cost Effective Tablet

ISTE CEO Brian Lewis Talks EdTech

1st School-in-the-Cloud with Sugata Mitra

Sir Ken Robinson Discusses The Education Landscape at ASCD 2014

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