EdTech Weekly Digest - 4 (July 2014)

EdTech Weekly Digest - 4 (July 2014)

Welcome back to another edition of weekly digest, Lots to talk about today, lets start with some great news and resources mentioned here at edtechreview.in.

Tech Savvy Teachers Talk Less about Technology and More about Teaching

No doubt, in present scenario, integration of technology in the classroom has become imperative. Technology is the wave of present and of course future education system. In this technological wave, somewhere we are ignoring the relevance of teachers and their effective teaching.
Thoughts like technology can replace teachers or there is no need of teachers when we have technology, is prevailing nowadays. All these thoughts somewhere make us realize that tech is everything, not teaching.

[Infographic] 1:1 vs BYOD in Education

Both 1:1 and BYOD have pros and cons. Some schools even using a mix of both solutions. The best solution is always based on what fits your school’s needs. To help visualize the decision process, here is an infographic on 1:1 vs BYOD in Education..

[Infographic] Bloom's Taxonomy Revised with Verbs - Various Thinking Levels

Infographic  Bloom s Taxonomy Revised with Verbs   Various Thinking Levels   EdTechReview  ETR

[Infographic] The Right Ways to Be a 21st Century Educator

Educators play a crucial role in developing 21st century skills in their students. They can only do this if they have certain set of characteristics or skills and model the same for the students. Check out this infographic to know what it takes to be the 21st century educator.

60 MOOCs Coming Up in the Month of August

  1. Health & Medicine (5)
  2. Education & Teaching (5)
  3. Engineering (3)
  4. Computer Science (19)
  5. Art & Design (2)
  6. Mathematics and Stats (3)
  7. Business & Management (4)
  8. Science (7)
  9. Humanities (10)
  10. Social Sciences (2) 

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