EdTech Weekly Digest - 2 (January 2015)

EdTech Weekly Digest - 2 (January 2015)

Hello folks! It's good to be back again on 2nd week of january. Time is flying very quickly as we all are heading towards events happenign around the world and educators inventing ways to technology in education.

13 Tools Teachers Would Love For Formative Assessments

Educators do assessment to check student’s knowledge in a subject or topic. Teachers need to check in different ways if their students are meeting the standards set by them. Practices like formative assessment refer to a number of methods that educator can use to gather comprehensive information on student learning in real time which can be utilised and analyzed to improve their learning.
Formative assessment is always a part of learning. Here are some great tools that teachers across the globe are incorporating into classroom practice for the formative assessment process.

Video Content Made More Accessible - Welcome YouTube Offline in India

If you are a regular YouTube user, then you are well aware of this frustrating phrase: "buffer time". Depending on speed of your Internet connection, you may spend time either watching content or watching a Loading screen.
Especially for Indian users getting high-speed and affordable data is still a challenging thing for masses. Recently, YouTube has introduced offline feature in the YouTube app for Indian users, so that they can use the video-streaming service with less burden on data and speed. This amazing feature enables users to take videos offline whenever they wish to during short periods of no or low internet connectivity.
Users can use this feature by tapping offline viewing option available under the video frame.

Latin American Nations Identify Education as the key to Economic Success

AS GLOBALISATION and technological advances reshape economies at all levels of development around the world, the role of human capital - making the best use of talent - in commercial growth is coming into ever sharper focus. Understanding these issues will be critical as Latin America seeks to build on a decade of economic growth funded by an extraordinary boom in prices for its traditional commodity exports.
For emerging markets, such as those of Latin America, populations equipped with skills to develop higher value-added economies will be crucial for increasing productivity and competitiveness. After decades of false starts, the question remains: how to achieve such educational progress.

Learn Some Amazing Ways to Use QR Code in Your Classroom

QR Code is a machine readable code that consists a collection of white and black squares, usually used for keeping URLs or any other information for reading purpose in smartphones, cameras or barcode readers. QR code is gaining momentum as a learning tool in the classroom.
Do you know why?

Why Tens of Thousands of Teachers Are Embracing Digital Storytelling with StoryBoard That

Since launching in September of 2012 Storyboard That has become the world’s leader in digital storytelling with over 600,000 storyboards created and tens of thousands of teachers incorporating it into their curriculum.
Teachers love the powerful reinforcement of their lessons and students enjoy how much fun it is to create and present a storyboard. Teachers Teach, Students Create & Everyone Learns Creating storyboards is a powerful way to re-enforce what teachers are teaching. After a lesson students can create a storyboard as a graphical organizer with each cell representing one key point.
A common example is converting a traditional plot diagram to a 6 cell storyboard that corresponds to the 6 stages of a story.

A 'New' Kind of Education Conference for Education Community

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