EdTech Weekly Digest - January 2015

EdTech Weekly Digest - January 2015

Hello folks! First of all, Happy New Year to all my dear EdTech lovers. Hope this new year bring lot of great news for all of us. This week I will be touching the following topics in this digest with some of the great event and resources lined up for Indian educators.

HP Hosts Computer Programming Competition to Encourage Young Student Developers in India

HP today announced the results of HP CodeWars 2014, an HP-hosted computer science software competition that was held for the first time in India. The event drew participation from more than 280 senior high school students from more than 55 institutions across Bengaluru and posed a wide range of programming challenges to teams of amateur developers. India is the second market outside the US where CodeWars has been conducted.

Potential Power of Blogging for Pedagogy

To Blog or Not to Blog
I believe in the potential power of blogging. I believe it can be harnessed to be a powerful pedagogical tool in the 21st Century. It is not just a technology tool that can facilitate teaching and learning, it is also a thread that has the ability to weave together cross-curricular literacies, disciplinary thinking and assessment strategies. This is all in theory however, and more research is still needed to supports these claims of what blogging can do.

Asia's most important digital education event

Learning: India's EdTech Festival Opens Call for Proposal

India deserves a world-class, large-scale education technology event. This is it. Meet fellow educators from thousands of schools, colleges and universities. Meet Policy makers. Decision-makers. Thought leaders. Practitioners. All under one roof. All united by a passion for improved learning outcomes and an interest in how technology can help. Everything free to attend. Learning will be a festival of ideas, with visiting educators gaining from a large programme of conference sessions and workshops. We are currently seeking conference presenters and workshop leaders and you are invited to propose how you might share your ideas.

Holistic Findings: Through the Lens of Carpe Diem

What we know?
Technology is growing at a rapid rate and advances taking place in the domain of ICT’s, digital networks, mobile computing, handheld devices, social networks etc. has made an impact on the way we work today. These technological leaps have transformed the way we communicate/interact with the technologies themselves and how we use these technologies to communicate/interact with others socially.
Technology has shown us the potential and given us the tool to shift from a ‘teacher-centric’ to ‘learner-centric’ environment at learning institutions.

[Infographic] How to be a Better Digital Citizen

21st century witnessed huge use of tech in education; therefore, it is crucial to teach students digital morals and help them to be better digital citizen. A good digital citizen is aware of basic digital etiquette, norms, culture and ethics, online safety, tips, etc. Keep yourself aware of the characters of a decent digital citizen is vital in today. Take a look at this informative infographic to know How to be a Better Digital Citizen.

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Author: Dr Rod BergerWebsite: http://www.mindrocketmediagroup.com/
Rod Berger, PsyD, is President and CEO of MindRocket Media Group serving the global education market. Dr. Berger has been a VP of Education for an edtech firm, Keynote Speaker, Brand Strategist and continues to teach college courses and each summer guests lectures at Vanderbilt University.

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