EdTech Weekly Digest - 1 (February 2015)

EdTech Weekly Digest - 1 (February 2015)

Hello folks! It's good to be back again; I had a great last month travelling to London and interacting with thousands of great thought leaders at BETT London 2015. So Id like to discuss about that and also we'll touch some great educational technology news and happenings from EdTechReview. Lets go!

[Infographic] Universal Skills Young Students Should Possess - by Jackie Gerstein

Jackie Gerstein has made a list of things that young folks should know how to do regardless of their life goal, income, geographical location, etc. She has curated a list of universal skills and presented it beautifully in this infographic, have a look and share.

MOOCs Coming Up in the Month of February 2015

Here's a list of over 100 MOOCs coming up in February 2015.
Education & Teaching (17)
Business & Management (33)
Social Sciences (14)
Health & Medicine (19)
Computer Science (38)
Science (29) Mathematics (12)


Higher Education Leaders need to be aware of the changing educational landscape, which includes societal shifts in technology use, advances in educational technology, and a new type of learner. Leaders today must establish a vision and implement a strategic process that creates a teaching and learning culture that provides students with essential employability skills, and other skill sets - creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving, technology proficiency, and global awareness - commonly referred to as 21st century skills.

Importance of School Culture

ssues of school culture make for good press and discussion amongst theorists. Dr. Todd Whitaker, a former teacher and principal at multiple levels, has come out with a new book through ASCD that contextualizes culture giving readers a transparent and honest look at transforming the hallways and classrooms of their campuses.

About the Author
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