EdTech Weekly Digest (April - 2015)

EdTech Weekly Digest (April-2015)

Welcome back to another edition of the weekly audio digest, Lots of great edtech insight & news flashing on edtechreview.in & i'm very excited to know, how these news are making us smart and active, so lets start with some great news and resources mentioned here at edtechreview.in.

Teaching with Tech: How Can Teachers Embrace Technology Tools

Education has evolved from a pen, paper and textbook affair to using iPads, online resources and even mobile apps in the classroom. If you are aiming for a career in education, being able to utilize technology effectively is a crucial skill that you will have to be able to demonstrate. MidAmerica Nazarene University has put together a guide that shows how blending technology and education can give teachers a leg up in the workforce.
The guide covers the gap in technology skills in teaching, how technology is enhancing the learning revolution, what future educators need to know about technology in the classroom as well as future trends on the horizon for technology and education.

The On-Demand Economy and the Global Skills Gap

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. The Internet and related technological advancements are transforming businesses, industries, government administration, and nearly every aspect of our daily lives. And while the spread of personal computers took decades, cell phones, and now smartphones, have proliferated over just a few years.
Today, the majority of the world's population uses a cell phone. In addition, what is known as the "internet of things" is connecting us to our appliances, our cars, and our buildings through wireless artificial intelligence. This has major implications for our economy, as automatization boosts efficiency and productivity while displacing workers from traditional industries.

A Nicer Way To Share YouTube™ Videos!

Videos, be it live or recorded, are crucial for students as it adds another dimension in the learning process which gives students an effective experience. The video brings life in the classroom environment, giving different perspectives and tools that students might not normally be able to take advantage of in their learning. Educators across the world are looking for carefully choosing videos to assist their students engage deeply in their course, and recollect the information they’ve learnt in the past.

5 Great Videos for Clarity on Blended Learning and its Power

Blended learning can be simply defined as a formal education program in which a student learns at least in part through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time, place, path and/or pace and at least in part at a supervised brick-and-mortar location away from home. It is a mix of different learning methods brought together to meet your learning objectives. Blended learning is not one size fits all, learner’s needs and circumstances are different. These are key reasons to introduce blended learning.

  • More efficient long term results.
  • Students are more involved using a diversity of content types.
  • Diverse learner, diverse learning style.
  • Teacher has the capability to evaluate learner tendencies and turn accordingly.
  • Improved Feedback.
  • Blended Learning can make learning fun.

Major Obstacle for the Next Generation of OER Projects

OER Research Hub project, in the second year, has witnessed collaboration with 15 projects, the advancement of the OER Impact Map, as well as 20 surveys conducted creating more than 6,000 replies about the influence of OER. The report of OER impact is boosting meanwhile mixed.
The two key theories under research were

  1. OER enhances student performance
  2. Openly licenced material is used differently to other online material

Other interesting findings include the extent to which OER use causes reflection by educators on their own practice. This came across more strongly than anticipated and should be promoted more widely as a benefit of OER. Similarly, there is currently not enough emphasis given to the use of OER by formal students. Students are using OER to trial subjects prior to engaging in formal study and then supplementing their formal education with a wide range of OER.

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Learn why should Educational Institutions consider Digital Citizenship & Internet safety important?

Addressing the 21st century skill of digital citizenship is important; to help students to learn, communicate and collaborate safely and responsibly. Being a best digital citizen in the community includes having email etiquette, reporting and preventing cyber bullying, learning how to protect private information, etc. Schools are now embracing technology in the classroom; so when students are so close to the tech, they must know or examine the impact of their online activity.

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About the Author
Author: Dr Rod BergerWebsite: http://www.mindrocketmediagroup.com/
Rod Berger, PsyD, is President and CEO of MindRocket Media Group serving the global education market. Dr. Berger has been a VP of Education for an edtech firm, Keynote Speaker, Brand Strategist and continues to teach college courses and each summer guests lectures at Vanderbilt University.

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