EdTech Weekly Digest - 3 (October 2013)

EdTech Weekly Digest - 3 (October 2013)

Here at Weekly Digest, I talk about the latest stories,share insights on what might matter the most to you on EdTechReview. I will give a quick walk through of the topics that were covered over the last one week that might catch your interest, by briefly

touching few of those articles and discussing few of them in detail.

Here are the top stories discussed:


Creation of Digital Lesson Plans and Their Use in the Classroom : Few strategies, tools and tips suggested by expert educators to create digital lesson plans and their usage in classroom.

What it Takes to Make a Hesitant Teacher Use Technology? Strategies that administrators can follow to make experienced teachers efficient in technology usage.

How Do Teachers Take Out Time for Professional Development? : Strategies for educators  to make time for your professional development.

Teachers Views About Use of Games in STEM Learning : Opinions of educators about the usage of educational games in STEM learning.

What is Asynchronous Learning? : Asynchronous learning is a student-centered teaching method that uses online learning resources to facilitate information sharing outside the constraints of time and place among a network of people

Director Pauline Rose Shares Updates on UNESCO's Global Monitoring Report (GMR) : Rose shares updates on the UNESCO's GMR and discusses the gains since its’ inception in 2000. You will also learn about Rose’s personal journey as well.

Estelle Morris (Former Secretary of State-Education ENGLAND) talking about Education Reform : The interview covers a wide range of topics that include Morris’s thoughts on what it's like to be a teacher today in Great Britain, education reform, the challenges facing that reform movement and why the education message is often a mixed one.

About the Author
Author: Dr Rod BergerWebsite: http://www.mindrocketmediagroup.com/
Rod Berger, PsyD, is President and CEO of MindRocket Media Group serving the global education market. Dr. Berger has been a VP of Education for an edtech firm, Keynote Speaker, Brand Strategist and continues to teach college courses and each summer guests lectures at Vanderbilt University.

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