EdTech Weekly Digest - 5 (October 2013)
This week’s EdTech Digest is king of theme based and is aimed at global education and stories focused on Global Education Initiatives and Groups impacting those often marginalized.

NomadEDU: ICT Solutions like Education Hotspots for Developing Countries
With the infrastructure at disposal, everything is in the cloud. But it’s not the case with all the countries. Fascinating story about NomadEDU and the answers to the cloud based education systems problems with limitations to technology.

Best Ways to Connect and Collaborate with Teachers Globally
Great tolls for collaboration –


1) @GeniusHour [Community – A group of teacher]

2) Using #Tags

Skype, Google+ Hangouts and WizIQ

LinkedIn Groups

Great Non Profits Working in the EdTech Space
Different groups out there working in the EdTech space like The Khan Academy, Teach 4 America, Teach First UK, Teach 4 India, ETMA & The Group - Black Mountain SOLE and many more…

10 Great Tools and Resources for Teaching and Learning Arts and Music
Google Art Project – an amazing project to see and share the global art, Art Rage 2, Art Battle, Smart History.org, and more…

Hour of Code: Demistify Computer Science at CSEd Week
The Computer Science Week coming through 9-25th December put together with CODE.ORG and Computing in the Core. 10M students coming online to start working on coding; Great Stuff.

About the Author
Author: Dr Rod BergerWebsite: http://www.mindrocketmediagroup.com/
Rod Berger, PsyD, is President and CEO of MindRocket Media Group serving the global education market. Dr. Berger has been a VP of Education for an edtech firm, Keynote Speaker, Brand Strategist and continues to teach college courses and each summer guests lectures at Vanderbilt University.

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