EdTech Weekly Digest - 4 (November 2013)

EdTech Weekly Digest - 4 (November 2013)

I will give a quick walk through of the topics that were covered over the last one week that might catch your interest, by briefly touching few of those articles and discussing a few of them in detail.

I find myself researching and learning so many

new things when I visit EdTechReview for the weekly digest. This week I will be touching the following topics in this digest.


(Tips for Teachers) Experiential Learning with the Help of Technology

There are many ways by which teachers can help their students in experiential learning through technology; some tips for teachers to guide them in experiential teaching with the help of technology are included in this guide.

Best Classroom Practices for Student-Centric Teaching

Student-centered classrooms are those in which students are directly involved in discovering and accumulating knowledge for themselves. This article provides you with some great practices for Student-Centric Teaching.

How to Use Instagram in the Classroom

Librarians on the Fly created an infographic on how we can use Instagram in education. Click on the link to learn about it.

EDUonGo: Launch Your Own Online School :

EDUonGo enables anyone to launch their own academies, build their own schools and provide valuable education to the world, online. It eliminates the need of dealing with IT or signing a long-term commitment with 3rdparty learning platform vendors and also eliminates the difficulties of maintaining and customizing a learning platform which is very costly.

South Sudan World's Youngest Country Developing New Education System

Isacco Consonni Chief of Education & Protection in South Sudan for the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) takes time out of his schedule to chat with us on the Core. It goes without saying that we are privileged to share Isacco’s story and upcoming journey.

Isacco  will be sharing how one approaches the development of a brand new education system in South Sudan which is the youngest country in the world (separated from Sudan in 2011).

National Seminar by ETMA:

Educational Technology and Management Academy (ETMA) is conducting National Seminar on School Education on 17-18th February, 2014 at PHD House, New Delhi. Registration Closed.

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