EdTech Weekly Digest - 3 (December 2013)

EdTech Weekly Digest - 3 (December 2013)

I will give a quick walk through of the topics that were covered over the last one week that might catch your interest, by briefly touching few of those articles and discussing a few of them in detail.

I find couple of great infographic here

which are really catching my attention and has proved a great piece of content in form of learning so many new things when I visit EdTechReview for the weekly digest. This week I will be touching the following topics in this digest.


Special Ed Goes High-Tech Infographic

Technology enters into every field to help people perform tasks quickly and efficiently. Especially in the field of education, technology plays a crucial role to improve learning standards and teaching practices.

Are MOOCs the Future of Online Education

Massive Open Online Courses have already made their mark in the field of education. Many students, professionals, teachers, lifelong learners, etc., across the globe are interested in taking or delivering MOOCs.

[Checklist] Are you Ready to use iPads in School?

Schools are increasingly considering the use of iPads, so they can make learning fun and engaging for students and provide their teachers with new and trendy ways to teach. For this you need to correctly determine whether or not you are ready for the use of iPads in your school.

How the Education Market Impacts Technologists? by Preston Wills

Preston walks us through a product launch from start to finish and shares How The Education Market impacts Technologists on a Daily

Are Trained Teachers the missing Link in EdTech?

The implementation of EdTech in schools, colleges and other educational institutions cannot be completely successful unless the teachers, who are the eventual users of technology for improving their teaching practices, are adept with using it.

Online Learning do's and don'ts for College Students

Online education is an advancement in the field of distance learning. It has received great appreciation from a huge number of people learning by using online tools such as web platforms, apps, social networks, etc.

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