Tech Tools & Apps for Kindergarten Teachers

Tech Tools & Apps for Kindergarten Teachers

Chris Gathers teaches kindergarten in Fredonia, Kansas. He once said “A kindergarten teacher shares best practices and examples of exciting activities she does using technology to enhance learning in her kindergarten classroom.” He also stated, "Technology

 is one of the biggest and most exciting changes I have seen during my teaching career." Not only one teacher, most of the teachers will accept that the technology is playing a predominant role in education .

Use iPads & Computers in Kindergarten:

At the age of 4-6 years, we’ve struggled to learn A-B-Cs. But now the time has come for our next generation to breeze through out of it. Schools are getting incredible progress in their teaching after the youngsters began using the iPads. By seeing this progress, so many schools are now approving iPad to computers for every kindergartner. iPad will have lot of apps used for learning, books to read, so, providing this tech tool, is absolutely something schools must do... iPads are smaller, having less weight, and are easier to carry... suit to every individual. Educators hope it is beneficial for every student... With these computers and iPads, they will learn with enthusiasm. The funny learning apps are all they want, so, they will pay more attention to learn something new in a new way.

Kids will enjoy using these iPads and Computers rather than a traditional book. Because, many kids don’t like to write, instead they are interested to watch. So, video based learning & app based learning with the iPads and computers will surely matter. So, are you ready to know about some tech tools for Kindergarten Teachers?

Here are some tools and apps that you can give to your kindergarten students.

Storypanda - Digital Books for Kids:

story panda

Storypanda is an iPad application that is designed to deliver digitized and interactive story content, alongside providing the users the ability to customize the storyline and story elements to create a custom story.

The application is very neatly built and all the stories are very interactive and engaging. The designing team at Storypanda has done a fabulous job in designing the stories and laying down the animations and interactive elements. The tool is very much suited for teaching kindergarteners, as the stories are short, teach lessons, and keep students engaged.

BabyTV - Kindergarten Resource Library

baby tv

BabyTV is an amazing learning platform for teachers and parents to engage and increase their kid’s knowledge in a quick, easy and fun way. By having an easy to use UI, animated characters telling stories, lessons, games and puzzles, kids get more engaged and interested in studies and hence the learning is more productive and effective. With a variety of content and mediums of delivery, the FOX International Channels have created a very versatile platform for people who are searching for educational material for small kids who are ready to jump into the learning process and experience knowledge. This versatility in levels of knowledge at every step makes this platform a complete solution for parents to train their small kids and prepare them for the 21st Century Learning Environment. Access to BabyTV on TV sets in different languages and locations with proper schedules allows users to have ease of accessibility to the content at home and even helps the parents to sit with their kids and teach them.

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