[Teacher's Guide] Five Ways to Integrate Twitter into the Writing Classroom

 The following tips and instructions will prepare you to introduce Twitter activities:

  • Identify a specialized hashtag accompanied next to a keyword for each section or course that you are teaching. For example, I use #eatmontreal for a food writing course that I offer (see Figure 2 below).
  • Next, create a twitter feed widget or online display for your hashtag and post it on a prominent page of your online course management system or website (see Figure 2 below). Directions for making a twitter feed widget will follow.

Figure 2: A course web page that includes a twitter feed widget

The following steps will help you sign up for twitter and create a twitter feed widget for your online course management system. If you don’t have an online course management system, you can sign up for free server space on the Internet with a number of blogging sites, such as Blogger, Weebly, WordPress or Tumblr, to name only a few. To create your twitter feed widget, you will need a personal computer and Internet service.

Tip: In order to complete this task, you should have an online course management system such as Moodle or Blackboard or a course website and a basic understanding or knowledge of how to embed HTML code or hypertext markup language on a web page. If you don’t have this understanding or capability, consider omitting the Twitter feed widget.

1. Open Twitter in your browser window: www.twitter.com

2. Sign up for an account or log into your current Twitter account.

Tip: Avoid using dates and underscores when choosing a Twitter name. If possible, use your full name to establish the authenticity of your account.

Figure 3: Creating a Twitter feed widget


3. Once you are logged into your account, select the  Settings button located on the upper right side of the page as shown in Figure 3.


Figure 4: Creating the widget

4. Once you have opened Settings, select Widgets as shown in Figure 4.

5. Select Create New.

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