[Kindergogy] Positive Impact of Blogging in KinderGarten

blogging in kindergartenIn the 21st century, there are many opportunities to educate and engage students, and enhance the teaching methods through variety of technological tools.Integration of technology in kindergarten is being supported by many teachers to support the student's learning even after school hours.

Blogging is one of such effective ways of using technology in kindergarten (Kindergogy ), which has positive impact on kindergarten students. It is a comparatively easy method to engage students by reflecting their thoughts, and your teaching methods. Using this method, students are able to create and design their own blog posts in regards to what they are learning and exploring in kindergarten.

Blogging for kindergarten teachers is both inspirational and rewarding. You can connect with students and their parents through the blog and exchange thoughts on the learning process. There are many reasons to why you should blog with young children? Here are some top reasons for the same by Sharon E. Davison .

  1. Connections: It is a great method to establish and maintain a relationships with each other. Students are enthusiastics to show their parents what they have been doing in th classroom, and what they have posted about. This is something which makes parents enjoy the ideas and be involved in their learning.They start taking interest in their child's learning, which is one of the essentials of 21st century education.
  2. Feedback: Students get very excited when they read what others have to say. They seek positive feedbacks and comments which enhaces their learning in the whole process. They are engaged and interested in their post because it is valued. Teachers involve parents by making them post comments not just on their child’s blog, but others too!
  3. Audience: Students want appreciation and recognition for their efforts which is why they love looking at the visitors of the blog. The more the number of different states and countries looking at the blog the more is their happiness. So do try and include a map (which show visitors) on the blog when blogging with young children.
  4. Communicating: The great ideas about communicating are that you can choose to do as much as you want. Though long letters and emails are not examples of great communication. People are busy. Parents love the blog because it offers a variety of “snapshots” of our days together. It is a great way for parents, and other family members to have conversations about kindergarten. Blogging is a great way to be informed and share what you are doing. You have a variety of options. Using video, photographs, creating polls, other useful information or even a place to post books of interest.
  5. Self-esteem: You will hardly find students who don't want to blog or don't want to share their blog. Students want to share their blogs all the time and show the world what they are engaged in. Even reluctant learners want to interact and share their post. It is about them, and we all celebrate what they have to share. This is a nice way for all students to be leaders in their own discussion of what they feel is important.

Blogging is a fun, easy and meaningful way to connect, build relationships and promote 21st century learning . What are the impacts of blogging with your kids? Share them in the comments below.

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