Vision: 21st Century Learning, Teaching, and Education

21stcentury learning teaching educationWell it has been quite a while since the 21st century has started but to be very precise we are still at the very edge of its beginning and have a long way to go but inspire of that we have moved far ahead from where we were in the 20th century at least in the front of technology and technology in education in particular.

Classroom of Tomorrow

Let’s start with the vision before we come to the present scenario. The aim is to have teachers to digitally empower diverse learners to connect, communicate and collaborate by creating a rich environment indulging technology in the classroom to help them evolve. The main aim is to make the students learn in a more impactful manner by integrating words with visuals and other means of technology to help them grasp more. 21st century education does not involve only learning the traditional way, but also to integrate technology to help make the world a smaller place, to make the interaction go beyond the classroom and classmate to virtual trips and multi-region and multi-nation interactivity to commence projects and work.

The Voice of The Active Learner

Keeping abreast with the new age will require the teachers to use Tools and resources worthy for the 21st century teacher . For beginners we have Ed tech resources which help them keep updated with the latest buzz in the education-technology department through –Edudemic , Edutopia, Edshelf . (Review of Edshelf with videos is available here ) The most basic and helpful Video resource definitely are - Youtube , Vimeo and TED Ed . ( Learn how to flip your classroom using TED-Ed ) For keeping notes and files Google apps are the best but even after that teachers have options like Evernote to help them out. (Grab your copy of Free Guide to Evernote in Education )

Future Starts Now: 2012 Edition

Creativity is the essence of interest in a being and without that the attention span will drop so highly useful Creative tools for the same are – Animoto , Vuvox , and Storify . Books and Educational Videos are also required for reference and the best sites for those being Khan Academy , Goal book and for the maths lovers and haters Mathalicious and Knowre . Presentation tools like Prezi , Sliderocket and Slideshare are amazing to get the creativity brought out to life.
And lastly but most importantly Interactive resource are the key social mediums to bring the education world together. Socrative Polls Everywhere, Quora , Twitter, and Facebook are great digital resources.

Grab your copy of Free Report on Social Media in Education.

Designing Schools for 21st Century Learning

Tools and resources for 21st Century Educator

A Vision of 21st Century Teachers

The 21st century education is going to be empowered by digital learners pretty soon as the beginning is coming, almost 53% of students use a smart phone and are connected and prefer the internet. 78% of the students believe and prefer learning through technology and prefer to integrative education with technology for better faster learning and also one simple device like an I-pad with the internet connection is much more informative then a book can ever be. Education is being helped by technology to keep up with the modern student. The day is not far when most of the classrooms will be virtual; as they are much more informative the child is able to produce better results and is lighter on the pocket with comfort to his or her own time and speed apt for learning.

The world is setting up to the next, hope you’re ready to keep up to!

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Author: Sidhikka Bajpai
Sidhikka Bajpai is a blogger and loves to read and write about the new age learning and teaching techniques.

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